Mognet Central Side Quest Walkthrough

This is a Side Quest Walkthrough for gaining access to Mognet Central in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about this side-quest and its rewards.

Mognet Central Rewards

Sidequest Reward
Sidequest Completion Protect Ring
Every Letter Delivered Kupo Nuts
Sidequest Requirement Ocean Chocobo, Disc 4

Mognet Central Walkthrough

FF9 Mognet Central

The mognet Central

Mognet Central is Final Fantasy IX's mail service run by Moogles. Throughout the course of the game, Moogles will ask you to deliver mail to each other.

During this process, thery will provide you with subtle hints about problems at Mognet Central. Once the player reaches disc 4, they will be able to deliver a chain of letters in order to get Mognet Central running again.

Kupo's Letter to Atla

FF9 Atla
Head back to Alexandria then go to the bell tower. Talk to Kupo and deliver his mail to Atla.

Atla's Letter to Mogryo

FF9 Atla
Head to Burmecia and look for Atla. After delivering the letter, deliver Atla's mail to Mogryo.

Mogryo's Letter to Kumool

FF9 Mogryo
Mogryo can be found in the Black Mage Village. After delivering the letter, take Mogryo's letter to Kumool.

Kumool's Letter to Mois

FF9 Kumool
Head to Ipsen's Castle and where you can find Kumool. Take Kumool's letter and deliver it to Mois.

Mois' Letter to Noggy

FF9 Mois letter
Put Quina in your party and make your way to Qu's Marsh on the Mist Continent. Once there, head to the entrance of Fossil Roo to find Mois. Deliver Kumool's letter then take Noggy's.

Noggy's Letter to Kupo

FF9 Noggy letter
Head back to Alexandria to deliver Noggy's letter. This will inform you about the Superslick which is required to fix the Mognet Central's machine.

The Superslick

FF9 Superslick
Head to Ruby's theater found in the alleway on your way to the bell tower. Talking to Ruby will get you some Superslick.

Head to Mognet Central on your Ocean or Sky Chocobo, then use a Dead Pepper on the mountain crack shown above to enter Mognet Central. Talk to the violet Moogle, Artemicion, and give him the Superslick to wrap up this sidequest!

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