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This article will guide you on how to clear Abyss Floor 109 for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information on how to clear these certain floors within this section.

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Abyss Floor 109 Number` Guide

Recommended Type The Elite & Boss monster of this stage is a Dark Unit, It might be advisable to bring a wide range of elements as to avoid the elemental weakness of Light, though losing the elemental advantage at the same time.
Recommended Team Composition This floor is all about Dual Attacks and using your souls. Bring Heroes with high Dual Attack chances and strong Soul Burn skills.
Tips for Clearing ・Dual Attacks are key.
・Use your souls whenever you can.
Recommended Heroes
Tamarinne Icon.png
Lilias Icon.pngLilias
Adventurer Ras Icon.png
Adventurer Ras
Sinful Angelica Icon.pngSinful Angelica
Iseria Icon.png
Specter Tenebria Icon.png
Specter Tenebria

Tips before Challenging

Dark Gargoyle will randomly buff itself with a Counter Buff
This entails a bit of RNG to the match making it unpredictable. But generally strip it of the buff before attacking.
Sinful Angelica will make your fight more difficult if you have a lot of Souls.
Use your souls whenever you can.
After depleting Sinful Angelica's HP, she'll stay alive, granting herself 5 Skill Nullifiers and an Immunity that cannot be dispelled, and will 1-shot your entire team as soon as she can.
Quickly get rid of the Skill Nullifiers with your Dual Attacks which will quickly do the job before she can take her one turn.

Battle 1

Dark Gargoyle Icon.png
Dark Gargoyle
Radiant Gargoyle.pngRadiant Gargoyle

Focus on the Radiant Gargoyle first and avoid hitting the Dark Gargoyle whenever it has its Counter Buff up.

Once the Radiant Gargoyle has been dispatched, you can now focus on taking down the Dark Gargoyle. Strip its Counter Buff while keeping your team healthy and alive.

Bit of RNG here to this fight due to the counter buff.

Try to use up your souls before heading into the next fight.

Battle 2

Dust MushroomDust Mushroom
Blind Eye Lich
Blind Eye Lich
Sinful Angelica Icon.pngSinful Angelica

Throughout this fight make sure you always use your souls whenever available as this battle will get harder as long as you have a specific number of souls. If you have more than 5 souls, Sinful Angelica will raise her Crit Rate by 80%. And if you have 10 souls or more when she uses her S3, she'll then summon more Dust Mushrooms which will make things more difficult.

Focus on taking out the Blind Eye Lich in the back first, then move onto the Dust Mushrooms.

After all the Dust Mushrooms are dead you can focus all efforts on Sinful Angelica.

At some point Sinful Angelica will have her S3 available. It is really important you don't have more than 10 souls available to avoid any mushrooms spawning.

If you you have less than 10 souls, her S3 will only summon skeleton mobs instead of Dust Mushrooms which you can then ignore and continue focusing on Sinful Angelica.

After you finish off her HP bar Sinful Angelica will stay alive and grant herself 5 Skill Nullifiers & Immunity that cannot be dispelled. This is where your dual attacks come in as you must get rid of those skill nullifiers before she takes a turn otherwise she'll wipe your entire team.

Then you can just hit her and she'll die.

Recommended Team Build

Character Set
Tamarinne Icon.png
Counter & HP Set
Adventurer Ras Icon.png
Adventurer Ras
Speed & HP Set
Iseria Icon.png
Speed & Hit Rate Set
Specter Tenebria Icon.png
Specter Tenebria
Destruction & Crit Rate Set

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