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This is a page that contains information on updates, maintenance schedules, and compensations for the game Epic Seven. Read on to learn about the latest new regarding updates and events!

Game Maintenance

There are no plans for maintenance at the moment.

New Hunt - Caides!

Caides Hunt Banner.jpg

A new Light-elemental Hunt has been added.

Challenge yourself in the new Hunt and obtain Revenge, Injury, and Penetration equipment sets.

Caides Hunt

Caides Hunt_resize.png

Players will be able to tackle Stages 1-11 of the Caides Hunt immediately after the 11/26 maintenance. However, stages 12 & 13 will be released at a later date.

New Reputation Challenges have been added to celebrate the new hunt.

Caides Reputation_1.pngEnlarge Caides Reputation_2.pngEnlarge

We'll be making guides for all Caides Hunt stages, so stay tuned!

New Equipment Set

With the launch of the new hunt, new equipment sets will now be available.

Set Icon Sets Effect
Revenge Set Revenge Set Icon.png 4 Speed increased by 10%, and for every 1% of Health lost, Speed increased by an additional .05%
Injury Set Injury Set Icon.png 4 After attacking, decreases the target's max Health by up to 5%. Effective only against heroes and can stack only up to 50%
Penetration Set Penetration Set Icon.png 2 When attacking with a Single Attack, penetrates the target's Defense by 10%. Does not stack with other sets of the same name.

Caides Hunt Equipment Sets have been added to the Craft & Reforging:

Caides Equipment Crafting_resize.pngEnlarge Caides Equipment Reforging_resize.pngEnlarge

As well as to the Craft Material Conversion and Equipment Conversion:

Caides Craft Material_resize.pngEnlarge Caides Equipment Conversion_resize.pngEnlarge

Good luck to all the Heirs with this new challenge!

Free Unequip Event

Free Unequip Event.png

11/26 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 11/29 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

Have hassle-free unequiping this coming weekend with the Free Unequip Event!

During the event period, players can unequip Equipment/Artifacts at no cost!

Special Side Story - How to Be a Sister

How to Be a Sister


Flan works hard to carry out her duties in order to become Politia's foreign minister, but she's getting tired of how childish and affectionate Landy is acting as she tags along.

On their rounds, they learn about a criminal organization threatening the city and had to District D...

Exploration Stage

How to Be a Sister Map.jpg
The format of this content will be the same as the Adventure mode, where you will have to finish a stage before proceeding to the next.

Getting Flan from the current Banner or having an Ice Thief hero in the team can greatly help get stars for the Region Reward.

Event Schedule

11/19 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 12/03 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Currency How to Obtain
Illegally Modified PartIllegally Modified Part Can be obtained by clearing the stages of the Side Story - How to Be a Sister.

These currencies can be used at the Exchange Shop to buy rewards that are available on the shop.

How to Be a Sister Exchange Shop

Special Side Story! How to Be a Sister

Epic Quest - Into the Labyrinth



There are so many hidden labyrinths on the continent.

A jack of all trades, Wanda accidentally found a Labyrinth map during her adventures. She started the Epic Quest: Into the Labyrinth to search for hidden treasures.

What awaits her in the Labyrinth?

Exploration Stage

Quest Page_resize.png
Complete Daily Missions and start exploring the Labyrinth.

You can explore the Labyrinth maximum 4 times a day.

Event Schedule

11/19 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 12/09 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

Bonus Rewards

Into the Labyrinth Bonus Rewards

Earn bonus rewards after exploring a specific number of times.

Epic Quest! Into the Labyrinth

Updated Reputation - Dagger of Sicar

Dagger Sicar Update Banner.jpg


A whole new Reputation, Dagger Sicar, is here!

Players will now be able to carry out special missions from Dagger Sicar. Complete missions and achievements to obtain special rewards and points.

New Challenges

Dagger Sicar Update Challenges.jpg

At the time of opening, Dagger SIcar will have four available categories -- Hunt, Hall of Trials, Expedition, and Labyrinth.

In each category, you'll find various challenges with three different difficulties:

Dagger Sicar Update DIfficulties.png

Each challenge will give reward you with points and a respective prize. After completing reputations in each of the categories, you'll see a percentage documenting your progress.

All points obtained are cumulative and will be displayed at the top of the Dagger SIcar main screen.


Dagger Sicar Event Rewards.png

All points earned via doing challenges can be exchanged at the Points Exchange.

For more information about the event, click here:

Dagger Sicar Update

New Arena Season - Arena Ardor Season

Ardor Season Banner


The Arena Ardor Season will open following the end of the Pre-season.

We look forward to your many victories this season.

Arena Story

Ardor Arena Story.png

A new Arena Story will be released upon opening of the new Season.

You can view it when you first open the Arena after Season Opening or again in the Arena Story Tab.

Event Schedule

Server Schedule
Korea 11/15 (Sun) 18:00 UTC
Europe 11/16 (Mon) 3:00 UTC
Global 11/16 (Mon) 10:00 UTC

Arena Ardor Season Exclusive Frames

Ardor Season Rewards.png

After the end of the Arena Ardor Season and at the start of the new Arena season, players will receive an exclusive Frame according to their Arena Ardor Season ranking.


Item Conquest Points Endurance Crest Limit
Ardor Frame V -- 2,400 Once per account
Unknown Slate 2,700 1,000 Once per account
Destroyer's Longsword of Ardency 1,200 400 Once per account
Destroyer's Armor of Ardency 1,200 400 Once per account
Destroyer's Helm of Ardency 1,200 400 Once per account
Destroyer's Boots of Ardency 1,200 400 Once per account
Destroyer's Necklace of Ardency 1,200 400 Once per account
Destroyer's Token of Ardency 1,200 400 Once per account

・Ardor Frame V: Players will not be able to purchase this frame after the end of the Arena Ardor Season.
・Arena Ardor Season equipment have been grouped separately. Players can purchase this equipment by going to Conquest Points Shop > Arena Ardor Season Equipment.

Destroyer's Equipment of Ardency


The Detroyer's Equipment of Ardency is limited to this Arena Season.

・The type and value for sub stats for each Equipment are fixed at the time of initial purchase.
・However, they will increase at random when enhanced.

New Hero Announcement! - Operator Sigret

Operator Sigret

Operator Sigret.jpg

Operator Sigret will be coming soon!

A Dark Element Ranger that can pierce through the toughest of Defenses.
Operator Sigret Banner.png

Rating 9/10
Skills ・Attacks the enemy while healing the ally with the lowest health.
・Penetrates the defense of an enemy, while providing an extra turn if the enemy is defeated.
・Attacks all enemies while shortening all their buffs by 1 turn, and increases attack of all allies for 2 turns..

She'll be arriving at the Moonlight Summon 12/10 After Maintenance.

Operator Sigret - Rating and Stats

New Hero - Flan


New Hero - Flan.jpg
Flan has arrived!

Meet Flan, an Ice Elemental Ranger who grants an ally increased Critical Hit Damage while greatly increasing Combat Readiness.

Flan Hero Introduction

Rating 9.25/10
Skills ・Attacks a single enemy with a chance to remove one buff.
・Increases CHD of an ally.
・Makes enemies unhealable and decreases their defense.

Flan - Rating and Stats

Drop Rate UP Event

Flan & Unseen Observer

Flan & Unseen Observer Banner

Schedule (UTC)
11/19(Thu) After the Maintenance~ ~12/03(Thu) 02:59

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Ice elemental Ranger, Flan, who grants an ally increased Critical Hit Damage for and at the same time greatly increases Combat Readiness. Players can also obtain the Ranger exclusive Artifact, Unseen Observer that can be effectively used by Rangers with non-attack skills.


Flan Banner.png

Rating 9.25/10
Skills ・Attacks a single enemy with a chance to remove one buff.
・Increases CHD of an ally.
・Makes enemies unhealable and decreases their defense.

Flan - Rating and Stats

Unseen Observer

Unseen Observer.png

Skills ・Gain 10 Souls whenever a non-attack skill is used.

Unseen Observer - Rating and Stats

Bellona & Iron Fan

Rate Up Bellona and Iron Fan.jpg

Schedule (UTC)
11/26(Thu) After the Maintenance~ ~12/03(Thu) 02:59

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Earth elemental Ranger, Bellona, who is effective when facing multiple enemies. Players can also obtain the Ranger exclusive Artifact, Iron Fan that can inflict high damage on Ice elemental enemies.



Rating 8.75/10
Skills ・Attacks the enemy, dealing damage proportional to the enemy's max Health.
・Attacks all enemies, damage dealt increases with more enemies.
・Attacks all enemies with a chance of decreases their defense.

Bellona - Rating and Stats

Iron Fan

Iron Fan.png

Skills ・Damage dealt increases when attacking an Ice elemental target..

Iron Fan - Rating and Stats

Charlotte & Noble Oath

Rate Up Charlotte and Noble Oath.jpg

Schedule (UTC)
11/26(Thu) After the Maintenance~ ~12/03(Thu) 02:59

In this Drop Rate Up event, players can meet the Fire elemental Knight, Charlotte who when attacked by an enemy or when a basic attack is used and Fighting Spirit obtained, deals high damage to all enemies using her skill, Vortex. Players can also obtain the Knight exclusive Artifact, Noble Oath that is effective when used on heroes that have high max. Health.


Charlotte Banner.jpg

Rating 8/10
Skills ・Attacks a single enemy with a chance to decrease attack.
・Granted an ATK & DEF increase when attacked.
・Attacks all enemies making them Unhealable.

Charlotte - Rating and Stats

Noble Oath

Noble Oath.png

Skills ・As Health decreases, Defense and Effect Resistance increase .

Noble Oath - Rating and Stats

Other Improvements & Adjustments

Hero & Artifact Balance Adjustment

Heroes Adjusted

Hero Adjustment
Sage BaalSage Baal & Sezan With this balance adjustment, Sage Baal & Sezan will be improved to have more influence in battle, even when his skill, “Cloud of Ruin" is in cooldown.
Little Queen Charlotte.pngLittle Queen Charlotte With this improvement, Little Queen Charlotte will be even more effective against enemy teams that utilize Dark elemental Heroes.
Cerise Icon.pngCerise In this balance adjustment, we’ve focused on improving Cerise’s ability to continuously contain the enemy due to her high speed.
Landy Icon.jpgLandy Landy will be improved in two ways. She will reinforce herself at a faster pace than before and she will be able to better support her allies.
Maya Icon.pngMaya Maya was intended to be able to contain her enemies by provoking them and inflicting decrease Attack as well as being able to protect her allies by granting them increased Defense.
Pearlhorizon Icon.pngPearlhorizon Pearlhorizon & Doll Maker Pearlhorizon will be adjusted so that she can easily use Endless Nightmare right after using Hypnosis.
Doll Maker Pearlhorizon Icon.pngDoll Maker Pearlhorizon

Artifacts Adjusted

Artifact Adjustment
Guiding Light.pngGuiding Light Guiding Light is an Artifact that improves to the survivability of Ranger class Heroes by granting Stealth to the caster at a given chance.
Bastion of Perlutia Icon.pngBastion of Perlutia Bastion of Perlutia is an Artifact that protects the ally with the highest Attack on the team.
Dux Noctis Icon.pngDux Noctis Dux Noctis will be improved so that the increases in Attack stack at a quicker pace than before and at a higher percentage than before.
AndreAndre's Crossbow There will be a small increase in the number of souls removed by Andre’s Crossbow.
Silver Rain Icon.pngSilver Rain Silver Rain will be improved so that it grants an Increased Attack buff to the ally with the highest Attack, increasing strategic usage of the Artifact.

Check out the full game list and details of the adjustments by visiting Epic Seven's Adjustment & Balance Notice

Other Updates & Adjustments

Check out the full game update today by visiting Epic Seven's Official Site.

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