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Best Clothing Mods

This is a guide on the best clothing mods in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to know which clothing mods are best to put on your clothing in order to maximize their usability in battle.

Clothing Mods and Customization

Clothing mods fit to any mod slot in any of your clothing equipment and can range from increasing your armor rating to providing immunity to certain negative status effects.

Some have effects can totally alter the way you go into battle which means knowing your clothing mods is as crucial as knowing your weapon ones.

List of Clothing Mods

Mod Effect
AntivenomAntivenom Grants immunity to Poison.
ArmadilloArmadillo Increases Armor by xx.
Boom-BreakerBoom-Breaker Reduces damage from explosions by xx%.
BullyBully Increases Crit Damage by xx%.
CoolitCoolit Grants immunity to Burn.
Cut-It-OutCut-It-Out Grants immunity to Bleeding.
DeadeyeDeadeye Increases headshot damage by xx%.
FortunaFortuna Increases Crit Chance by xx%.
OsmosisHackslinger Decreases Quickhack cooldown by xx%
Me-ThrillMe-Thrill xx Armor
PanaceaPanacea Increases all Resistances by xx%.
PlumePlume Reduces fall damage by xx%.
PredatorPredator Increases damage dealt to Very High-Threat enemies by xx%.
Resist!Resist! Reduces negative effect duration by xx%.
ShowtimeShowtime Increases damage against enemies with Moderate and High threat levels by xx%.
Soft-SoleSoft-Sole Allows you to land silently.
BackpackerStreet Smart Increases Street Cred XP gain by xx%
SuperinsulatorSuperinsulator Grants immunity to Shock, including EMP Grenades.
TenacityTenacity Reduces the Stamina cost of melee attacks by -xx%.
FootlooseThick-Skinned Increases Mitigation Strength by xx%
VanguardVanguard Reduces Stamina consumption when blocking melee attacks by xx%.
Zero DragZero Drag Increases movement speed by xx.

Best Clothing Mods

Preventing/Reducing Damage

Using Armadillo, you can potentially survive more difficult missions since it increases your Armor rating. Resist! could be useful too since it prevents you from having to use Bounce Backs in the middle of the fight.

Increasing Damage

Showtime increases your damage towards difficult opponents, making what would've been a difficult fight possibly a lot easier. With Bully and/or Fortuna, you can potentially do Critical hits at twice the usual average.

Reducing Stamina Costs

The greatest enemy of melee users is Stamina. If you haven't got a lot of perk points on Body or Reflex to reduce the stamina costs of melee attacks, then Tenacity and Vanguard as clothing mods will be of great use.

Best Mod Combinations

Depending on your build, you can experiment with kind of combinations with mods. A face clothing with Predator and another clothing with Fortuna could spell doom for opponents even if they are of higher threat.

Here are our recommendations for mod combinations as well as the builds they work best with:

Mods Best Build To Use With
Showtime + Predator
Essentially, this is a high threat eliminator and with boosts in Crit Chance, this would make disposing of difficult enemies easier.
Blade Build
Cold Blood Build
Assault Rifle Build
Armadillo + Panacea + Cut-It-Out + Coolit
This essentially negates all negative status effects will providing you with better armor which works well with the Tank Build.
Tank Build
Vanguard + Tenacity + Footloose
This combination helps melee users tremendously both defensively and offensively.
Blunt Weapons Build
Blades Build
Monowire Build
Gorilla Arms Build
Mantis Blades Build

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