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This is a list of Datashards in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Find out where to find all Datashards available and the information contained within!

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What are Datashards?

Datashards are Items which reveal information about the story of the game.

They are not necessary to proceed with the story, but will provide deeper information into the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Find Datashards

Datashards can be found scattered around the world both outdoors and indoors. They can often be found placed innocently on tables, or on the bodies of defeated enemies.

Based on the Datashards we have collected so far, it seems that each Datashard appears in multiple locations, so missing a Datashard in one-time locations like Konpeki Plaza doesn't mean you will miss out on 100% completion.

List of Datashards and Locations

List of Articles Datashards

Title Location
“Chrome and You” - Excerpt from a Novel by Anonymous ・Coming soon.
Arasaka and Ornithology - Three Japanese Words to Know ・During the Heist, on a table during the escape
Emergency on Demand ・Coming soon.
NC Night Life - Drinks, Dancing, Debauchery ・Coming soon.
New Release Braindances ・V's Apartment
Slavoj McAllister in the News Again ・Coming soon.
Storm on the Mare Crisium ・In Dex's Apartment in The Heist.
The Relic - why all the fuss? ・In Yorinobu Arasaka's suite during The Heist, on the bedside table.
What Really Happened in Arasaka Tower? ・In Yorinobu Arasaka's suite during The Heist, on the coffee table.
Who is Lizzy Wizzy Pretending to Be? ・Coming soon.

List of Leaflets Datashards

Title Location
Delamain - Transport Services ・The Afterlife, during the meeting with Dex in The Heist.
Konpeki Plaza ・During the Heist escape, on the table in front of the elevator
・On the front desk of Konpeki Plaza
Nomads for the Thick-Skinned ・Coming soon.
The Foodie Guide to Night City ・Coming soon.

List of Literature Datashards

Title Location
“Watson Whore” Diary ・Coming soon.
1,000 Beats a Second ・Coming soon.
Chrome Night Love ・Coming soon.
Kibble and Scop ・Coming soon.
The Chronicles of Titania: Book 1 ・Coming soon.

List of Notes Datashards

Title Location
Directive PO-08 ・Coming soon.
Eraticator - User Manual ・Coming soon.

List of World Datashards

Title Location
All Foods - The Future of Meat ・Coming soon.
Lat-Am Wars ・Outside Dex's Hotel at the end of The Heist.
Outer Space! My Life in Orbit ・Coming soon.
Protein Farms: A Report ・Outside Dex's Hotel at the end of The Heist.
The Psychos of Maxtac ・Coming soon.
Water, Chrome and Blood - The Fourth Corporate War ・During the Heist, in a corner room during the escape
Yokai - Japanese Demons of Yesterday and Today ・During the Heist escape, in a Japanese-style room

List of Other Datashards

Title Location
[Unsent Message] ・Coming soon.
California after Dusk - The Life of Richard Night ・During the Heist, in a hallway during the escape
Can Cyberpsychosis Be Cured? ・Coming soon.
Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook ・Coming soon.
Cyberware Usage and its Side Effects ・Coming soon.
Doc Paradox Quotes ・Coming soon.
Doosier: Sasquatch ・Coming soon.
In the Shade of an Apple Tree, by Virginia Granchester ・During The Heist, in the first room after jumping down during the escape.
Kendachi - New Spring Catalogue ・Coming soon.
Sex and Chrome ・Coming soon.
The Day the Tower Fell ・Coming soon.
The Fall of Etemenanki ・In the bar adjacent to the lobby of Konpeki Plaza in The Heist.
The Flowers of Silence. A Biography of Hanako Arasaka. ・Coming soon.
Urgent ・Coming soon.
Who is Dr. Paradox? ・Coming soon.

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