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List of Dire Shadows | How to Get the The Most Daring of All Trophy

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This is a page for all the info you need about Dire Shadows. Read on to find out their strengths, weaknesses, and best party members to include in these colossal battles!

What are Dire Shadows?

Dire Shadows are Boss-type Personas that you can find in different Jails you'll go through. These enemies are entirely optional if you wish to fight them. For them to appear at their locations, you must first clear the story element of the Jail you'll find them in. Defeating them all will net you the Most Daring of All Trophy.

Dire Shadows Locations

Killer Teddy Bear - Shibuya Jail

P5S Killer Teddy Bear Top.png

Name Killer Teddy Bear
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆
Weak Against
Wind Affinity.png Shock Affinity.png Curse Affinity.png

Killer Teddy Bear
Battle Guide | Dire Shadows

Snake King - Sendai Jail

P5S Snake King Top.png

Name Snake King
Difficulty ★★★☆☆
Weak Against
Bless Affinity.png Ice Affinity.png Fire Affinity.png

Snake King
Battle Guide | Dire Shadows

Harlot of Desire - Sapporo Jail

P5S Harlot of Desire Top.png

Name Harlot of Desire
Difficulty ★★★☆☆
Weak Against
Psy Affinity.png Nuclear Affinity.png Bless Affinity.png Curse Affinity.png

Harlot of Desire
Battle Guide | Dire Shadows

Wandering Reviver - Okinawa Jail

P5S Wandering Reviver Top.png

Name Wandering Reviver
Difficulty ★★★★☆
Weak Against
Fire Affinity.png Shock Affinity.png Wind Affinity.png

Wandering Reviver
Battle Guide | Dire Shadows

Sun's Emissary - Kyoto Jail

P5S Sun

Name Sun's Emissary
Difficulty ★★★★☆
Weak Against
Fire Affinity.png Ice Affinity.png Nuclear Affinity.png

Sun's Emissary
Battle Guide | Dire Shadows

War-Hungry Horseman - Osaka Jail

P5S War-Hungry Horseman Top.png

Name War-Hungry Horseman
Difficulty ★★★★☆
Weak Against
Shock Affinity.png Bless Affinity.png Curse Affinity.png

War-Hungry Horseman
Battle Guide | Dire Shadows

Dark Sun - Jail of the Abyss

P5S Dark Sun Top.png

Name Dark Sun
Difficulty ★★★★☆
Weak Against
Ice Affinity.png Bless Affinity.png Curse Affinity.png

Dark Sun
Battle Guide | Dark Shadows

Heavenly Punisher - Tree of Knowledge

P5S Heavenly Punisher Top.png

Name Heavenly Punisher
Difficulty ★★★★★
Weak Against
Wind Affinity.png Psy Affinity.png Nuclear Affinity.png

Heavenly Punisher
Battle Guide | DIre Shadows

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