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This is a list of all the weapons that can be obtained in Persona 5 Strikers. Check the tables below for each weapon's stats and effects!

List of Weapons

Protagonist's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Rebel Knife 44 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Silver Dagger 50 A silver blade resplendent in its ornamentation.
Kukri 60 Curved, Nepalese knife also used as a tool.
Blizz Dagger 66 A dagger with a pale blue blade.
Athame 78 A dagger used during Wiccan rituals.
Igniter 84 A dagger forged in fire that burns intensely

Ryuji's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Normal Rod 42 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Mace 52 A replica of a blunt weapon used in medieval Europe.
Hell Slugger 58 A baseball bat with nails hammered into it.
Heavy Steel Pipe 76 A reinforced iron pipe.
Battle Hammer 86 A replica of a metal hammer used in battle.

Ann's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Leather Whip 34 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Heat Whip 44 A fire-red whip.
Fundo-Kusari 52 A chain with a weight on one end.
Dominatrix Whip 72 A whip used for training.
Goat Leather Whip 76 A whip consisting of connected blades.
Skin Ripper 82 A telescoping, flesh-rending whip.

Morgana's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Bandit Sword 32 A sword commonly used by ruffians and ne'er-do-wells.
Falchion 44 A sword with a curved blade.
Ryozanpaku Sword 52 A sword said to be used by a famouse bandit.
Sonic Blade 72 A sword said to cut faster than the speed of sound.
Scimitar 80 A heavy blade with a wide curve originally used in the Middle East.
Headhunter Ladel S 84 A replica of a ladle used by monster cats while hunting for human heads.

Yusuke's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Katana 46 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Unmarked Katana 56 A replica katana without a signature.
Gunto 62 A sword with no edge.
Imitation Katana 82 A beautifully polished replica katana.
Antique Gunto 90 A menacing-looking sword.
Muramasa 94 A replica of a katana loved by the loyal warriors of the Mikawa region.

Makoto's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Brass Knuckles 42 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Delta Knuckles 52 Knuckles with trianguler blades.
Heavy Grip 58 Gloves made from heavy metals.
Hell Knuckles 80 Knuckles that deliver deep impacts.
Clenched Fists 86 Knucles with incredible destructive power.
Heavy Pound 90 Even heavier weighted knuckles used for strength training.

Haru's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Axe 48 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Felling Axe 60 An axe that can even chop down hearty, full-grown trees.
Battle Axe 64 A replica of an axe that's specialized for fighting.
Bardiche 82 A cruel-looking axe.
Halberd 92 A replica of an axe with a versatile fighting style.
Enchanting Axe 96 An axe that transfixes those who gaze upon it.

Sophia's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Yo-Yo 34 A simple yo-yo.
Spin Attacker 42 A yo-yo with increased spinning power.
Super Yo-Yo 54 A yo-yo suited to performing tricks.
Teguruma 72 A yo-yo created using traditional Japanese methods.
Metal Yo-Yo 80 A metal yo-yo- with great destructive power.

Zenkichi's Weapons

Coming soon!

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