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List of Weapons

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This is a list of all the weapons that can be obtained in Persona 5 Strikers. Check the tables below for each weapon's stats and effects!

List of Weapons

Protagonist's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Skinning Knife 102 A dagger used for skinning prey.
Arsene's Cane S 118 A replica of a cane once carried by a legendary gentleman theif.
Kopis 120 A curved blade used by ancient Greeks.
Killing Scalpel 138 A deadly tool used by medical professionals.
Quality Kopis 148 A sharp, high quality knife used for skinning prey.
Kris Dagger 154 A dagger with a beautiful wavy blade.
Parrying Dagger 188 A light dagger that makes evading attacks easier.
Machete 218 A heavy knife with a lot of heft to it.
Pro Parrying Dagger 244 A dagger best used for parrying and defense.
Misericorde 272 A medieval dagger used to deliver killing bows.
Paradise Lost S 300 A replica of a dagger used to drive angels from Paradise.
Rebel Knife 44 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Silver Dagger 50 A silver blade resplendent in its ornamentation.
Kukri 60 Curved, Nepalese knife also used as a tool.
Blizz Dagger 66 A dagger with a pale blue blade.
Athame 78 A dagger used during Wiccan rituals.
Igniter 84 A dagger forged in fire that burns intensely

Ryuji's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Demon Pipe
Iron Pipe 104 A crude, but effecive, blunt instrument.
Heavy Mace 122 A replica mace with even more heft to it.
Spike Rod 136 A blunt instrument affixed with caltrops.
Bush Hammer 150 A replica of a hammer with a notable history.
Gaea Presser 186 A beautiful blunt instrument.
Big Sleep Stick 216 A blunt instrument capable of putting foes to sleep.
Grand Presser 246 A blunt weapon that pulses with ethereal light.
Super Megaton Rod 272 An exceptionally heavy blunt instrument.
Ruyi Jingu Bang S 276 A replica of a staff that can shrink or grow at the wielder's whim.
Mjolnir S 302 A replica of a legendary weapon wielded by a god.
Normal Rod 42 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Mace 52 A replica of a blunt weapon used in medieval Europe.
Hell Slugger 58 A baseball bat with nails hammered into it.
Heavy Steel Pipe 76 A reinforced iron pipe.
Battle Hammer 86 A replica of a metal hammer used in battle.

Ann's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Burn Whip 116 A whip that can burst into flames.
Hero Whip 136 A whipe that resembles one that a hero would use.
Whip Sword 144 A bladed, telescoping whip.
Masquerade Whip S 172 A whip that sends heads spinning.
Striking Tail 178 A whip with a tail-like movement when swung.
Great Whip Sword 208 A tekescoping whip with increased power.
Queen's Whip 214 A replica of a whip that brings observers to their knees.
Chain Whip 238 A whip made from chains.
Bone Eater Whip 264 A whip that can chip away at bone.
Naraku Whip S 290 A replica of a whip that can bind enemies.
Leather Whip 34 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Heat Whip 44 A fire-red whip.
Fundo-Kusari 52 A chain with a weight on one end.
Dominatrix Whip 72 A whip used for training.
Goat Leather Whip 76 A whip consisting of connected blades.
Skin Ripper 82 A telescoping, flesh-rending whip.
Warrior Whip 92 A whip that can tear the skin from a foe's body.

Morgana's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Sleeper Blade 114 A sword that renders sleep upon enemies.
Shamshir 134 A long and narrow curved blade originally used in Middle East.
Resting Sword 140 A sword said to be capable of working miracles.
Chief's Cutlass 148 A sword that looks like one a pirate hero would use.
Damascus Sword 182 A sword with patterns etched into the blade.
Heavy Saber 214 A sword forged with heavy materials.
Bright Sword 240 A sword that glows with a cold, ethereal light.
Answerer 264 A sword that obeys the will of its wielder.
Cosmic Sword S 296 A sword with a luminous blade.
Bandit Sword 32 A sword commonly used by ruffians and ne'er-do-wells.
Falchion 44 A sword with a curved blade.
Ryozanpaku Sword 52 A sword said to be used by a famouse bandit.
Sonic Blade 72 A sword said to cut faster than the speed of sound.
Scimitar 80 A heavy blade with a wide curve originally used in the Middle East.
Headhunter Ladel S 84 A replica of a ladle used by monster cats while hunting for human heads.
Talwar 96 A curved blade capable of dizzying enemies.

Yusuke's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Seishiki Sword 108 A sword that used to be an army issue standard.
Jagato 124 A sword that can work miracles.
Imperial Katana 140 A replica of a katana used by the Meiji government.
Fury Blade 156 A sword capable of enraging enemies.
Iai Katana 192 A sword used for the art of Iaido.
Orochito 222 A sword that's dizzying to look upon.
Master's Iai Katana 248 A replica katana that strikes faster than an enemy can commit to memory.
Red Demon Blade 274 A magic sword that tears the blood from a foe's body.
Usumidori S 304 A replica of the renowned sword from The Tale of Genji.
Katana 46 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Unmarked Katana 56 A replica katana without a signature.
Gunto 62 A sword with no edge.
Imitation Katana 82 A beautifully polished replica katana.
Antique Gunto 90 A menacing-looking sword.
Muramasa 94 A replica of a katana loved by the loyal warriors of the Mikawa region.

Makoto's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Metal Duster 104 Knuckles made from heavy metals.
Iron Fist 122 Knuckles reinforced with iron.
Death's Claws 126 Gloves that can reap the life right from a foe's body.
Crusher 144 Gloves that can crush enemies with their extraordinary weight.
Demon Fist 150 Knucles that possess power.
Bear Glove S 154 Cute gloves that resemble bears. Awww.
Flash Punch 188 Gloves that can leave foes dizzy.
Omega Knuckles 218 Knuckles with Increased Power
Sanction 244 Gloves named for the punishment they deliver.
Sabazios S 270 Gloves styled after the nomadic sky father.
Vajra S 300 A replica of a Buddhist equipment named after Indra's mystical weapon.
Brass Knuckles 42 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Delta Knuckles 52 Knuckles with trianguler blades.
Heavy Grip 58 Gloves made from heavy metals.
Hell Knuckles 80 Knuckles that deliver deep impacts.
Clenched Fists 86 Knucles with incredible destructive power.
Heavy Pound 90 Even heavier weighted knuckles used for strength training.

Haru's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Mega Axe 106 An axe that leaves a lasting impression on enemies.
Crescent Axe 130 An axe that delivers heavy impacts.
Death Contract S 134 A weapon capable of inducing despair.
Great Axe 144 An axe that cleaves foes in twain by its sheer weight alone.
Beheading Axe 154 An axe said to be the preferred tool of seasoned executioners.
Ice Axe 196 A cold-looking axe with a blue tint.
Gilgamesh Axe 224 An axe wielded by a legendary hero of old.
Tabar 230 A replica of a battle axe created in India.
Celtis 254 An axe with an ancient, traditional design.
Amazon Axe 276 An axe that surges with power.
Fleurs de Mal S 308 An axe that produces a bedazzling, floral aroma.
Axe 48 A weapon manifested from an awakened power.
Felling Axe 60 An axe that can even chop down hearty, full-grown trees.
Battle Axe 64 A replica of an axe that's specialized for fighting.
Bardiche 82 A cruel-looking axe.
Halberd 92 A replica of an axe with a versatile fighting style.
Enchanting Axe 96 An axe that transfixes those who gaze upon it.

Sophia's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Yo-2K 116 A yo-yo that evokes panic over an apocalypse.
Water Yo-Yo 120 A yo-yo often seen during festivals held on holy days.
Comet Spiral 128 A yo-yo with a shape often compared to a comet.
Assassination Top 140 A yo-yo used by assassins.
Mantra Top 178 A yo-yo that shows a mantra as it spins.
Astro Bullet 210 A yo-yo that emits light like a meteor shooting through the sky.
Blood Storm 238 A yo-yo with omens of an oncoming calamity.
Singularity 260 A yo-yo that brings to mind mathematical singularities.
Mechanical Heart 268 A yo-yo showing the heart of a machine.
Fobidden Fruit 292 A yo-yo that is shaped like the mythical forbidden fruit.
Yo-Yo 34 A simple yo-yo.
Spin Attacker 42 A yo-yo with increased spinning power.
Super Yo-Yo 54 A yo-yo suited to performing tricks.
Teguruma 72 A yo-yo created using traditional Japanese methods.
Metal Yo-Yo 80 A metal yo-yo- with great destructive power.
Orbiter 96 A yo-yo inspired by spacecrafts.

Zenkichi's Weapons

Weapon Attack Description
Zweihander 100 A weapon manifested from an awakened power. Shaped like a greatsword.
Flamberge 142 A greatsword with a blade shaped like intense flames.
Zanyouto 150 A greatsword with the power to carve up huge monsters.
Shadow Hunter 192 A greatsword that destroys all that lurk in the shadows.
Demon Slayer 228 A greatsword forged to slay demons.
Traffic Sign 234 A heavy traffic sign made for punishing rulebreakers.
Litania 248 A greatsword blessed by the power of prayer.
Annihilator 274 A greatsword that can destroy anything in its path.
Gram 306 A greatwsword fueled by burning rage.

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