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List of Armor

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This is a list of all the protectors you can obtain in Persona 5 Strikers. Check the links below for more detailed information on each one!

List of Armor

Male Armor

Armor Defense Description
Retention Vest 102 A vest that helps combat memory loss. Popular among students.
Black Suit 110 A chic black suit worn by investigators.
Papal Robes 114 The Pope's regal robes.
Athletic Shirt 118 A durable men's athletic shirt.
Hope Shirt 128 A shirt made to help steel your mind.
Saint's Tunic 134 An ancient Roman tunic worn by those with unfailing patience.
Fluted Guard 158 Body armor made from thin, folded iron sheets.
Brave Waistcoat 178 Fills you with courage.
Mammoth Gown 188 A gown with mysterious powers that increases one's strength.
Silver Vest 204 A resplendent silver vest.
Karna's Robe 214 Golden robes worn by an immortal hero.
Soul Vest 230 A spectacular vest with a lot of soul.
Demon's Jacket 240 A durable jacket with a demonic design on it.
Black Polo 25 A black polo shirt with a chic design.
Long Hoodie 25 A long hoodie made with breathable fabric.
Tanktop 25 A red tanktop that shows off the wearer's strength.
Karna's Robes+ 270 Gallant golden robes worn by an immortal hero.
Shoulder Pads 36 Protective pads for your shoulders.
Burnetch 46 A space-age shirt that retains body heat.
Survival Vest 58 A bulletproof vest used by survivalists.
Cosmic Undershirt 72 Makes the wearer feel at one with the cosmos.
Motto Hoodie 76 A powerful hoodie that helps you stand for what you believe in.
Plate Vest 86 A vest with built-in metal plates.

Female Armor

Armor Defense Description
Elysian Robe 114 A light robe said t obe favored by the gods.
Dogwatch Kimono 128 Made for night shifts to help fight drowsiness.
Rune Dress 152 A special dress made with cloth that reacts to magic.
Kotodama Cape 172 The kotodama in the cloth helps protect the wearer.
Titanium Corset 206 An incredibly tight, reinforced titanium corset.
Haten Robe 232 A very light robe that can pierce the heavens.
Pink Dress 24 A sharp, sophisticated dress.
Off-Shoulder Top 24 A fashionable shirt.
Valkyrie Robe 242 A robe named after mythical female warriors.
Biker Jacket 25 A biker jacket that focuses on functionality over comfort.
Titanium Corset+ 260 An incredibly tight, reinforced titanium corset.
Battle Camisole 34 A camisole made from carbon fibers.
Magic Camisole 44 A camisole that responds to magic.
Robust Apron 56 A versatile apron that works for cooking, carpentry, and combat.
Lady's Dress 68 A ladylike dress that has a soothing effect on those who wear it.
Power Camisole 84 A camisole that corrects posture and helps you build muscles.
Glaring Cape 98 A peculiar cape that clears one's vision.

Genderless Armor

Armor Defense Description
Ghillie Vest 150 A vest that offers perfect camouflage in the woods.
Egoist Shirt 170 A graish shirt that shields against brainwashing.
Padded Shirt 34 A T-shirt made with tough fibers. Has high defense.
Lynx Camo Vest 44 A vest worn by snipers to help keep awake and alert.
Chain Vest 56 A vest made for defending.
Reckless Vest 68 A bulletproof vest that helps reduce fear.
Army Vest 82 A military-grade utility vest.
Austere Haori 96 A haori with a pattern that calms the mind.

Morgana Exclusive Armor

Armor Defense Description
Camo Collar 100 A collar that helps cats to blend in with their surroundings.
Sparkly Collar 116 A radiant, bejeweled cat collar.
Morose Collar 132 A collar that makes it difficult to feel upset.
Resilient Scarf 138 A giant scarf that's big enough to wrap around your whole body.
Just Collar 154 A collar that inspires the courage to defeat evil in the wearer.
Measuring Collar 176 A collar inspired by the Feng Shui ruler.
Sublime Collar 210 The world's most coveted cat collar.
Nekomata Coat 236 A strange coat of mail worn by a Nekomata warrior.
Neckerchief 25 A yellow neckerchief made from mysterious materials.
Sublime Collar+ 266 A treasured cat collar coveted by all.
Silk Scarf 34 A lightweight silk scarf.
Cat Sweater 46 A warm knit sweater made specifically for cats.
Breeze Scarf 58 A very thin and light scarf.
Water Crown 70 A crown designed to resemble the splash of a water droplet.
Cone Collar 84 A pet cone designed to help wounds heal.

Futaba Exclusive Armor

Armor Defense Description
Hacker Gear Mk. 2 140 A more advanced bodysuit that increases your focus.
Hacker Gear Mk. 3 172 A bodysuit made for pros. Increases the speed of your thought processes.
Hacker Gear Mk. 4 204 The ultimate bodysuit worn only by the world's top hackers.
Olive Jacket 24 A summer jacket that's easy to move around in.
Hacker Gear Mk. 1 60 A bodysuit designed for hacking that increases your typing speed.

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