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This is a guide on how to defeat the Killer Teddy Bear Dire Shadow in Shibuya Jail. Read on to find out its weaknesses, strengths, and the best characters to put in your party to defeat it!

Killer Teddy Bear Basic Info

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Name Killer Teddy Bear
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

Although you can find the bear straight after clearing Shibuya Jail, it is recommended that you come back to deal with it when you have at least cleared two other Jails you encounter in the main story. Make sure to pack many SP recovery items so that you can continue spamming Persona skills that the bear is weak against.

Killer Teddy Bear Location

World View Map View
When you enter Shibuya Jail, Fast Travel to Central Street: North. Once there, consult your map – there will be a road headed to the left towards Bunkamachi. Enter the area and head left at the T-junction. The Dire Shadow will be in the middle of the Y-split road.

Killer Teddy Bear Pre-Battle Guide


Weak Against
Wind Affinity.png Shock Affinity.png Curse Affinity.png

Best Characters for Party

morgana.pngMorgana ryuji.pngRyuji makoto.pngMakoto

Due to their strengths in affinities that the Killer Teddy Bear is weak against, having these three characters is essential in helping to end the fight quickly. Make sure to equip one or two healing skills between Makoto, Morgana or yourself to have some cushion against the bear's attacks.

Killer Teddy Bear Battle Guide

P5S Killer Teddy Bear Fight.png

Fighting against the Killer Teddy Bear is easy enough, at least when compared to other Dire Shadow fights. The only attack of it that you should be worried about is when the ground glows a circular red – dash away before it ignites, which can take away a good chunk of your health.

Persona Use

In this fight, alternate between the different characters and use their skills which the bear is weak against to take away its shield buffs. Make liberal use of Wind, Elec, and Makoto's melee attacks to quickly reduce its health.

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