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List of Accessories

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This is a list of all the Accessories you can obtain in Persona 5 Strikers. Check the links below for more detailed information on each one!

List of Accessories

Accesory Effect
1:20 Candlecutter Critical up (low)
Alluring Sticker Showtime gauge rate up (low)
Ann's Bracelet Plus Reduce Fire dmg (high)
Armada Belt En +4
Army Socks Ag +1
Atom Ring Reduce Nuke dmg (low)
Baton Keychain Plus Reduce Phys dmg (high)
Berserk Anklet St +4
Black Band Plus Curse attacks.
Black Tie Zenkichi's starting accessory.
Blue Band Plus Ice atacks.
Brain Guard Null Brainwash
Breath Sash Plus 10 HP
Calming Gem Plus Null Rage
Chakra Choker Plus 10 SP
Charming Sticker Plus ST Gauge Rate up
Chazukemaru Charm Plus 20 SP
Cheater Socks Ag +4
Clover Bracelet Haru's starting accesory.
Comedian Strap Ag +5
Coral Necklace Plus 30 HP
Custom Gloves Plus Reduce Bless dmg (high)
Druid Amulet Ma +4
Elec Ring Reduce Elec dmg (low)
Enduring Belt En +1
Fanny Pack Morgana's starting accessory.
Featherman Mask Plus Reduce Elec dmg (high)
Feng Shui Charm Lu +4
Filled Sketchbook Plus Reduce Ice dmg (high)
Flame Ring Reduce Fire dmg (low)
Fortress Belt En +2
Fortune Bell Lu +5
Futaba's Charm Plus ST gauge rate up (very high)
Green Band Plus Wind attacks.
Gun Band Plus Gun attacks.
Haru's Teaspoon Plus Reduce Psy dmg (high)
Headphones Futaba's starting accessory.
Hip Glasses Protagonist's starting accessory.
Hot Water Pouch Plus Null Freeze
Ice Ring Reduce Ice dmg (low)
Knee-High Boots Sophia's starting accessory.
Knight's Crest All stats +1
Magic Amulet Ma +1
Masamune Patch Ag +4
Midnight Ring Reduce Curse dmg (low)
Mind Band Plus Psy attacks.
Mind Choker Plus 20 SP
Modern Necklace Makoto's starting accesory.
Muscle Anklet St +2
New Driver Sticker Plus Auto-Sukukaja
Notebook Null Forget
Phantom Keychain Plus Reduce Nuke dmg (high)
Phantom Scarf Plus Reduce Wind dmg (high)
Power Anklet St +1
Psychic Ring Reduce Psy dmg (low)
Rakshasa Belt Plus Auto-Tarukaja.
Red Band Plus Fire attacks.
Rubber Gloves Plus Null Shock
Rune Amulet Ma +5
Seashell Neckalce Plus Null Burn
Shelter Ring Reduce Nuke dmg (med)
Shield Goggles Plus Null Dizzy
Shoten Ring Reduce Bless dmg (low)
Silver Bangle Ryuji's starting accessory.
Silver Key Ring Yusuke's starting accesory.
Skanda Belt Plus Auto-Sakukaja.
Sleepless Gem Null Sleep
Soul Choker Plus 30 SP
Spirit Belt Reduce Phys dmg (low)
Stamina Sash Plus 20 HP
Star Band Plus Nuke attacks.
Sunglasses Ann's starting accesory.
Takoyaki Keychain Reduce Fire dmg (low)
Vajra Belt Plus Auto-Rakukaja.
Victory Charm All stats +1
Vigor Sash Plus 30 HP
White Band Plus Bless attacks.
Wind Ring Reduce Wind dmg (low)
Wing Socks Ag +2
Witch Amulet Ma +2
Wood Clappers Null Burn
Wooden Clogs Null Fear
Yellow Band Plus Elect attacks.
Zodiac Charm Lu +2

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