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This page lists the Effect of the Skill Can You Handle The Heat? in the game Epic Seven (Epic 7). Read on for information on the Skill Enhance for Can You Handle The Heat?, and which Heroes can learn the Skill Can You Handle The Heat?.

Note: This page is for a currently unreleased Skill and some information may be inaccurate. Check back later when Lionheart Cermia is officially released for more accurate info!

Can You Handle The Heat? - Effect


Can You Handle The Heat? Acquire Turns
Acquire 1 Soul
Attacks the enemy with a sword and increases Speed of the caster for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defense.
Add Effect
・Increases Speed by 30%
Soulburn Effect Consume 10 Soul
Increases damage dealt


This Skill doesn't Awaken.

Skill Enhance

+1 +5% damage dealt
+2 +5% damage dealt
+3 +5% damage dealt
+4 +5% damage dealt
+5 +5% damage dealt
+6 +5% damage dealt
+7 +10% damage dealt

Heroes who learn Can You Handle The Heat?

Lionheart CermiaLionheart Cermia Rating 8.5/10
・AOE Nuker with her S3
・Cleanses self with S2 and Increases own Defense & Effect Resistance whenever an ally is attacked by an extra attack, counterattack, or a Dual Attack

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