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The Book of Memories! A Small Miracle

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This page contains information about the side story - A Small Miracle in the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information such as event schedule, rewards, and tips on clearing stages in this event.

The Book of Memories - A Small Miracle

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As the new year arrives, it is tradition in Ezera to write a small wish onto a piece of paper and release it into the sky.

To bring happiness to these precious hearts, Ras and Arky get moving...

How to Unlock

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Players can access The Book of Memories through the Battle and Side Story Menus.

Access to each Special Side Story can be purchased for 900 Skystones

Purchasing a Special Side Story will replace the button Purchase with Adventure.


Unlike normal Special Side Stories, The Book of Memories Side Stories do not have an exchange shop. But rather awards for hitting specific milestones in said Special Side Story.

How to Obtain

Main rewards are obtained via the following:

How To Obtain
Story Entry Reward
Quest Reward
Story Completion Reward

Main Rewards

You can get event-exclusive Heroes & Artifacts within the Side Story!

Card of Small Miracles

Card of Small Miracles

Rating 4 ★
Category Common
Skill Effect (Base)
Increases Attack and Defense of all allies by 2.5%. Does not stack with an Artifact providing the same effect.
Skill Effect (Max)
Increases Attack and Defense of all allies by 5%. Does not stack with an Artifact providing the same effect.

Card of Small Miracles - Rating and Stats

Side story exclusive Equipment

Event limited equipment will be awarded to the player throughout the Side Story!

The Set, Main Stat, and Substat of each piece of Equipment is fixed. However, after purchasing, the substats, when enhanced, will be increased at random.


The format of this content will be the same as the Adventure mode, where you will have to finish a stage before proceeding to the next.

Compared to our normal Special Side Stories, Side Stories found in The Book of Memories do not have farming stages. Unlike their standard event counterpart, these Side Stories show a linear progression and do not include Choices, and a set path will be provided.

Players can receive the rest of the rewards through'Record Complete' after clearing all stories and achievements. After doing so, players will not be able to enter the Side Story map again. But players can replay stories via Story Replay on the main screen of the Special Side Story after clearing the purchased Special Side Story.

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