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Nightmare (Tenebria) - Effect

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This page lists the Effect of the Skill Nightmare (Tenebria) in the game Epic Seven (Epic 7). Read on for information on the Skill Enhance for Nightmare (Tenebria), and which Heroes can learn the Skill Nightmare (Tenebria).

Nightmare (Tenebria) - Effect


Nightmare (Tenebria) Acquire Turns
Acquire 3 Soul 5
Drops Moon of Nightmare on all enemies, with a 70% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns, and put them to sleep for 1 turn, before increasing Attack of the caster for 2 turns.
Add Effect
・Decreases Defense by 70%.
・The target becomes unable to act for a certain number of turns.Received damage counts as a Critical Hit, and the effect is dispelled after being attacked.
・Increases Attack by 50%.
Soulburn Effect Consume 10 Soul
Increases damage dealt.


This Skill doesn't Awaken.

Skill Enhance

+1 +10% damage dealt
+2 +5% effect chance
+3 -1 turn cooldown
+4 +10% effect chance
+5 +15% damage dealt

Heroes who learn Nightmare (Tenebria)

TenebriaTenebria Rating 8/10
・Good debuff AoE skills against enemies.
・Does decent AoE damage.

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