Soul Hackers 2

List of Skills by Element

Soul Hackers 2 - List of Skills
Skills can be learned and inherited by Demons in Soul Hackers 2. Read on to see a list of all Skills, their elemental type, MP cost, and how to unlock them!

Soul Hackers 2 - Aiho-KunAttention! We are currently gathering info on all Skills. Stay tuned for updates!

List of Skills

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Physical Type DamagePhysical Skills Gunfire Type DamageGunfire Skills Fire Type DamageFire Skill
Ice Type DamageIce Skills Electric Type DamageElectricity Skills Force Type DamageForce Skills
Ruin Type DamageRuins Skills Ruin Type DamageAlmighty Skills Recovery IconRecovery Skills
Soul Hackers 2 - SupportSupport Skills PassivePassive Skills Sabbath Tandem Skills IconTandem Skills
Soul Hackers 2 - Summoner SkillSummoner Skills Soul Hackers 2 - SpecialSpecial Skills

All Physical Skills

List of Skills
Eat Whole Fang Breaker Defense Kuzushi
Double Fangs Heat Wave Corkscrew
Blight Rampage Torpor Strike
Atom Slicer Meat Bullet Lunge
Wraith's Fang Thunder Kick Bamboo Slice
Megaton Press Divine Claw Empty Wave
Deathbound Frenzied Dance Overlord

List of Physical Skills

All Gunfire Skills

List of Skills
Needle Shot Wave Shot Hypnosis Needle
Needle Rush Blast Arrow Stun Needle
Divine Shot Fusillade Heaven's Bow
Myriad Strikes Freikugel Multi-Strike
Six-Realm Strike

List of Gunfire Skills

All Fire Skills

List of Skills
Agi Maragi Agilao
Fire Breath Maragion Agidyne
Maragidyne Hellfire Kurikara Kokuryu
Rampant Wildfire

List of Fire Skills

All Ice Skills

List of Skills
Bufula Bufu Mabufu
Ice Breath Mabufula Bufudyne
Mabufudyne Glacial Blast Hellish Geyser

List of Ice Skills

All Electricity Skills

List of Skills
Zio Mazio Zionga
Shock Mazionga Ziodyne
Maziodyne Wild Lightning Roma Fulmen

List of Electricity Skills

All Force Skills

List of Skills
Mazan Zan Zanma
Wind Breath Mazanma Zandyne
Mazandyne Tornado

List of Force Skills

All Ruin Skills

List of Skills
Poison Breath Dormina Poisma
Lullaby Demonic Gaze Stun Gaze
Makajama Demon Teeth Grind High Pressure

List of Ruin Skills

All Almighty Skills

List of Skills
Life Drain Spirit Drain Megido
Life Leech Megidola Megidolaon
Eclipse Megido Arc

List of Almighty Skills

All Recovery Skills

List of Skills
Patra Media Lourdes
Dia Recarm Diarama
Me Patra Me Lourdes Mediarama
Amrita Diarahan Samarecarm
Mediarahan Eternal Prayer Grand Blessing

List of Recovery Skills

All Support Skills

List of Skills
Tarukaja Rakukaja Sukunda
Rakunda Tarunda Sukukaja
Dekaja Volt Wall Dekunda
Force Wall Flame Wall Prideful Boast
Ice Break Ice Wall Fire Break
Elec Break Force Break Concentrate
Acid Breath Tetrakarn Charge
War Cry Fog Breath Bloodlust
Stack Bonus Makarakarn Roar
Static Rook Anaguma Mystic Temptation Consecration
Luster Candy Debilitate Trance
Megido Trance

List of Support Skills

All Passive Skills

List of Skills
Dodge Fire Dodge Gunfire Dodge Force
Dodge Elec Dodge Ice Dodge Physical
Null Sleep Null Poison Defense Master
Mana Bonus Resist Ruin Expert's Advice
Resist Gunfire Resist Body Resist Mind
Counter Life Bonus Resist Phys
Attack Master Null Paralysis Speed Master
Stagehand's Stealth Resist Elec Resist Ice
Resist Force Last-Ditch-Effort Life Aid
Resist Fire Resist Ailments Null Ruin
Yashio Ori no Sake Retaliate Null Fire
Kabukimono Life Gain Mana Gain
Null Force Null Gunfire Null Elec
Null Phys Null Seal Null Ice
Dodge Fire EX Dodge Ice EX Dodge Force EX
Sukukauto Null Mind Dodge Physical EX
Phys/Gun Pierce Life Surge Mana Surge
Life Drainage Rakukauto Dodge Gunfire EX
Dodge Elec EX Avenge Victory Cry
High Renewal Null Body Tarukauto
Renewal Mana Aid Qigong

List of Passive Skills

All Tandem Skills

List of Skills
Sabbath Healer Sabbath Toxin Sabbath Hunter
Sabbath Slumber Sabbath Erosion Sabbath Drain
Sabbath Bounty Sabbath Striker Sabbath Mirror
Sabbath Raze

List of Tandem Skills

All Summoner Skills

List of Skills
Adept Healer Vengeful Opportunist Wild Uproar
Int Hack Optimize Process LUK Hack

List of Summoner Skills

All Special Skills

List of Skills

List of Special Skills

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