Soul Hackers 2

Hangout Events Guide: All Answers and How to Unlock

Soul Hackers 2 - Hangout Events Guide
Hangout Events are short cutscenes where Ringo gets to know her allies in Soul Hackers 2. Read on to see the list of all Hangout Events, all answers, and how to unlock them!

Soul Hackers 2 - Aiho-KunAttention! We are currently gathering all Hangout Events. Stay tuned for updates!

All Hangout Events Answers

Answers and How to Unlock

Character How to Unlock and Answers
Arrow Arrow
First Hangout Event

Prompt: If not that, I'll think to myself "Do I really need this?" before I buy something new.
Answer 1: Why not just stop thinking and buy it? +2
Answer 2: Guess that's rational. +2
Answer 3: Well, that's boring. +2
Milady Milady
First Hangout Event

Soul Level for Milady: +2
Milady Milady
Directly after your first Hangout Event with Milady

Soul Level for Milady: +2
Saizo Saizo
First Hangout Event

Soul Level for Saizo: +2
All All
After your first Hangout Event with each party member

Soul Level for All: +2
Saizo Saizo
Clear Request: Does Aion Dream of Electric Sheep?

Soul Level for Saizo: +2
Arrow Arrow
Clear Request: The Gunsmith

Soul Level for Arrow: +2
Saizo Saizo
Obtain Record Player at Central Line, Upper Area

Soul Level for Saizo: +2
Milady Milady
Clear Request: The Wolf Who Cried Wolf

Soul Level for Milady: +2
Saizo Saizo
Unlock Location: Komadori Orphanage

Soul Level for Saizo: +2
Arrow/Milady Arrow/Milady
Unlock Location: Komadori Orphanage

Prompt: (Isn't there anything these two have in common...?)
Answer 1: Summer or winter? +1 both
Answer 2: Sweet or salty? +1 both
Answer 3: Dogs or cats? +1 both

What are Hangout Events?

Chance to Know Your Allies

Soul Hackers 2 - Hangout Events

Hangout Events are short cutscenes where Ringo gets to deepen her bond with her allies by drinking out at Bar Heidrun.

Here, Ringo gets to discuss the motivations and little quirks of each party member, as well as develop a better understanding of humans as a whole.

Increases Soul Level

Soul Hackers 2 - Soul Level Count

The Soul Level of a character increases when Ringo spends time with her allies during Hangout Events or when she chooses a dialogue option that a certain character favors.

Increasing the Soul Level of characters is important as it is directly tied to certain areas within the Soul Matrix.

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Hangout Events Guide -


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