Soul Hackers 2

All Demons that Null, Drain, or Repel Gunfire Attacks

This is a list of Demons that can Null, Drain, or Repel Gunfire attacks in Soul Hackers 2. In the guides below you can read on for info on each Demon's stats and weaknesses, skills, and fusion info.

Demons That Null Drain or Repel Gunfire Attacks

Demons that Null Gunfire Damage

List of Demons
Soul Hackers 2- Arahabaki ImageArahabaki Soul Hackers 2- Fafnir ImageFafnir Soul Hackers 2- Cu Chulainn ImageCu Chulainn
Soul Hackers 2- Okuninushi ImageOkuninushi Soul Hackers 2- Zeus ImageZeus Soul Hackers 2- Inanna ImageInanna

Demons that Drain Gunfire Damage

List of Demons
Soul Hackers 2- Mara ImageMara

Demons that Repel Gunfire Damage

List of Demons
Soul Hackers 2- Valkyrie ImageValkyrie Soul Hackers 2- Girimekhala ImageGirimekhala Soul Hackers 2- Rangda ImageRangda
Soul Hackers 2- Norn ImageNorn

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Soul Hackers 2 - Demons

List of Demons

Demons That Null/Drain/Repel Damage

Elements Demons are Immune To
Physical Type DamageImmune to Phys. Gunfire Type DamageImmune to Gunfire Fire Type DamageImmune to Fire Ice Type DamageImmune to Ice
Electric Type DamageImmune to Elec. Force Type DamageImmune to Force Ruin Type DamageImmune to Ruin

List of All Demon Races

All Demon Races
Avatar Avian Beast Cyber
Deity Divine Dragon Drake
Element Fairy Fallen Femme
Fury Genma Herald Holy
Jaki Jirae Kishin Lady
Megami Night Raptor Rumor
Snake Tyrant Vile Wilder


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