Soul Hackers 2

All Items and Equipment Upgrades

Soul Hackers 2 - Items and Equipment Upgrades
There are a wide variety of items and equipment in Soul Hackers 2. Read on for a list of all items and how to get them, from Expendables, Materials, Valuables, to Key Items, as well as equipment ranging from Accessories, COMP Upgrades, Mistiques, Outfits, and more!

Soul Hackers 2 - Aiho-KunAttention! We are currently gathering all Items and Equipment. Stay tuned for updates!

List of All Items

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Soul Hackers 2 - Recovery ExpendableExpendables Soul Hackers 2 - MaterialMaterials Soul Hackers 2 - ValuableValuables Soul Hackers 2 - Key ItemKey Items


All Items
Trafuri Bomb Sukukaja Jelly Rakukaja's Jelly Tarukaja Jelly
Chakra Powder Lourdes Water Recarm Cigarette Chakra Drop
Life Stone Medicine Revival Bead Grimoire
Tarukaja Pearl Bead Chakra Syrup Portable First Aid Kit
HP Incense Shard Original Flame Rakukaja Pearl Frost Epitaph
Balm of Life Patra Water Dekaja Mist Me Lourdes Ball
Me Patra Ball Dekunda Mist Penguin Doll Sukukaja Pearl
Rakukaja Dango Bead Chain

All Expendables and Effects


All Items
Jirae Mucilage Beast Claws Nitrium Wilder's Fur
Jaki's Ice Demon Ore Night Demon Skin Totem Memory
Kishin Bell Holy Arrowhead Wicked Bird Coal Witch Doctor's Mark
Shaman's Mark Femme's Scale Drake's Claw Prime Demon Ore
Witch's Mark Yoma Sandals Fallen Beak Dragon Whisker
Divine Tail Fairy Ice Rumored Mask Angel's Eyepatch
Jirae's Butterbur Pirated Chip Prime Nitrium Raptor Feather
Avian Tailfeather Night Sandbag Jaki's Skull Snake Bristle
Fairy's Light Beast Talon Aromatic Wood Divine Mane
Magnetite Mass Condemned Finger True Nitrium True Demon Ore
Rumored Teeth Divine Gilt Helm Raptor Band Avatar Shell
Jirae Crest Jaki's Ankle

All Materials and How to Get


All Items
Ceramic Jar Dusty Tome Storied Painting Rusted Old Coin
Brass Handle

All Valuables and How to Get

Key Items

All Items
Teruya's Love Letter Chain Crystaloid Alpha Bloody Key Record Player
Bloody COMP Dirty Key

All Key Items and How to Get

List of All Equipment and Upgrades

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Soul Hackers 2 - AccessoryAccessories Soul Hackers 2 - COMP UpgradeCOMP Upgrades Soul Hackers 2 - MistiqueMistiques Soul Hackers 2 - OutfitOutfits


All Items
Rose Earring Leather Gloves Cross Hairband Silk Bandana
Calculator Watch Engineer Boots Ring of Iron Will Gas Mask
Tree of Life Leaf Safety Harness NBC Oxygen Mask Caprine Pentagram

All Accessories and How to Get

COMP Upgrades

All Items
Gunfire Arcana I Phys Arcana I ATK +3 Conversion
Stack Optimization ATK +4 (1st) Fire Affinity C Ice Unlock
Elec Affinity C Almighty Affinity C Healing Affinity C Support Unlock
Phys Boost I Warrior's Insight I Ice Affinity C Piercer I
Force Affinity C Ruin Affinity C Support Affinity C Gunfire Boost I
Capote I Vigilance I Force Unlock Duplicator I
Pick-Me-Up Surveillance Scan I Ms. Surprise I Warrior's Insight II
Gunfire Boost II Stock Expansion Master Conversion Damage Condenser
ATK +4 (2nd)

All COMP Upgrades and How to Unlock


All Items
Force Augment I Ice Augment I Elec Augment I Ice Augment II
Support Arcana I Healing Augment I Fire Augment I Elec Augment III
Elec Augment II Ruin Augment III Almighty Augment II Fire Arcana VII
Ruin Augment VI Force Boost I Almighty Arcana VIII Force Augment VII
Fire Boost IV Healing Augment IV Elec Boost III Force Augment III
Ice Augment VI Healing Arcana III Force Augment VI Ruin Augment X
Fire Augment X Healing Augment II Healing Augment III Healing Arcana II
Elec Boost I Force Augment V Force Arcana V Ice Boost IV
Ice Augment X Ruin Augment IV Ruin Arcana VI Ice Slumber
Ice Arcana VII Support Extender II Ice Augment VII Almighty Augment VII
Fire Boost III Fire Arcana VI Elec Augment VI Ice Arcana V
Ruin Augment IX Ruin Augment VIII Force Boost VI Almighty Augment IX
Ice Augment VIII Force Augment X Elec Augment IX Fire Augment VI
Ruin Arcana VIII Fire Augment VIII Elec Arcana IX Almighty Burst II
Ice Burst III

All Mistiques and Effects


All Items
Horned Devil Fractal Form

Items and Equipment Upgrades Explained

Types and How to Get

Soul Hackers 2 - Recovery ExpendableExpendables Acts as consumables in the game.
How to Get: These items can be purchased, obtained from Demons as a drop or through Demon Recon, or received as a Request reward.
Soul Hackers 2 - MaterialMaterials Used for COMP Upgrades.
How to Get: Obtained from Demons as a drop or through Demon Recon. Can also be crafted.
Soul Hackers 2 - ValuableValuables Expendables that can be sold at a high price.
How to Get: Can be obtained by defeating Rare Enemies or through Request rewards.
Soul Hackers 2 - Key ItemKey Items Items that are relevant to certain Requests and missions.
How to Get: Obtained during Requests and usually is delivered or returned to its owner.
Soul Hackers 2 - AccessoryAccessories Equipment that can boost a Summoner's stats.
How to Get: Can be purchased from shops or received as Request rewards.
Soul Hackers 2 - COMP UpgradeCOMP Upgrades Strengthens a Summoner's COMP in battle.
How to Get: Can be purchased from the COMP Smith.
Soul Hackers 2 - MistiqueMistiques Enhances a Summoner's proficiency for select skills.
How to Get: Obtained as a gift from Demons.
Soul Hackers 2 - OutfitOutfits A Summoner's clothing. Determines their appearance in-game.
How to Get: Other than the base Outfits, these are purchased through DLCs.

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