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Differences Between the Original and Remake | New Features

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This page will expain all of the new features in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read on to find out what sorts of changes have been made in the transition from the original to the remake from the battle system to the story!

Battle System Overhaul

Strategic Combat

Unlike the original, in Final Fantasy 7 Remake you will directly control your character and their various actions in battle. Direct control means you can distance yourself from enemies or dodge and avoid their attacks, fighting back with a variety of abilities.

Tactical Mode

tactical mode.jpeg

When pressing the X button to pull up the command window, the game will go into Tactical Mode, allowing you time to choose actions from Abilities, Spells, or Items. In Tactical Mode time will not completely stop, but will come to a crawl giving you plenty of time to make your decisions.

You Can Choose Your Allies' Actions

teammate commands.jpeg
When pressing either the L2 or R2 buttons in battle, you can direct them to use their own abilities or spells. Take advantage of this when you're in a pinch!

You Can Assign Command Shortcuts


In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your various abilities can be assigned to the four face buttons on your controller in the Battle Settings menu, allowing you to quickly use them without entering the command menu in battle!

Stagger Enemies for Massive Damage

A new feature in the remake is the ability to Stagger enemies. Underneath an enemy's HP bar is another bar called the Focus Gauge, and as you deal damage or meet certain requirements, enemies can become staggered, leaving them open to taking large amounts of damage.

Focus Gauge and How to Stagger Enemies

Classic Mode

Underneat the difficulty settings there is an option called Classic Mode. While playing Classic Mode, all of your actions will be done automatically while you focus on what commands to input. The difficulty is the same as Easy mode, so those who aren't as skilled at action games but still want to enjoy Final Fantasy 7 Remake should make use of this mode!

What is Classic Mode?

Unique Abilities for Characters

New to the remake, each character has a unique ability that can be executed by pressing the △ button. These abilities provide a new way to use each character and add to the different ways of taking on each fight.

Check Out Each Character's Unique Ability!

Weapon Upgrading

weapon upgrading.jpeg
Another new feature in the remake is the ability to upgrade your weapons by putting Skill Points (SP) gained from leveling up into each weapon's cores, increasing their stats, materia slots, and more!

Weapon Abilities

weapon abilities.jpg

Each weapon also has an associated ability that when used will increase its proficiency, allowing them to be used regardless of equipped weapon once maxed.

Weapon Upgrade Guide

Fleshed Out Story and Side Quests

Additional Story Beats

additional story.jpeg
As you make your way through the remake, you may notice there is more dialogue or character development present, like conversations in the Train Graveyard not in the original for example.

Odd Jobs

odd jobs.jpeg
Also new to the remake are Odd Jobs, side quests Cloud can accept from the citizens of Midgar. These range from taking out a troublesome monster to searching for lost kittens and will provide you with a variety of rewards!

List of Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

Battle Intel Reports

Battle Intel Reports are another type of quest given to you by Chadley, a researcher at Shinra you encounter in the Sector 7 Slums. By completing various requirements in battle, Chadley will make new materia that can be purchased!

List of Battle Intel Reports and Rewards

New Characters and Summons



A 3-C SOLDIER operator who loves bikes, speed, and anyone capable of going toe-to-toe with him. A demon on wheels, he is ostracized by many in the organization due to his antics and general disregard for anyone's safety.

Check Out Roche's Character Page!

Baby Chocobo Summon

Cute and cuddly but full of magical power, this Baby Chocobo was provided to anyone who pre-ordered the game.

Carbuncle and Cactuar Summons

The Carbuncle and Cactuar Summons are exclusive to the 1st Class Edition of the game or through the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Other New Features

The Corneo Colosseum

New to the Wall Market portion of the game is the Corneo Colloseum. Located in a basement in Wall Market, participating in battles here will net you some great rewards.

Corneo Colosseum Rewards and Battle Challenges

The Jukebox

Scattered around Midgar you will find Jukeboxes where you can receive music discs as well as play the ones you already have!

CD Locations | Jukebox Songs

Changes From the Original

Split Into Mulitple Parts

Due to the scale and scope of this remake, the entire game will not be released all at noce, instead being split into multiple parts. The game released on April 10th that everyone is playing now is but part 1, with part 2's development and release yet to be confirmed.

When Does Part 2 Come Out?

Drastically Improved Graphics

In the more than 20 years since the release of the original Final Fantasy 7, graphics in video games have increased tenfold, allowing Midgar to be fully realized in 3D with stunning detail. Fans of the original will be able to see this new rendition of Midgar and enjoy all the new things it has to offer.

Summons Fight Beside You

In the original, using a summon would invoke their special attack and just that, but in the remake summons now fight alongside you for a period of time before dealing massive damage to enemies with their ultimate attack.

List of Summon Materia and How to Get Them

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2 Anonymousabout 4 years

Whats new? Everything. Yes everything that includes rhe story.

1 Anonymousabout 4 years

For those about to complain. This is a remake. If you want it to be like the original, play the original.


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