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List of Biological Enemies and Weaknesses

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This page lists all biological enemies from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). To learn the weaknesses of every biological enemy, or see their stats and other information, see the list below!

List of Biological Enemies

Enemy Weaknesses
Guard Dog IconGuard Dog -
Wrath Hound IconWrath Hound -
Bloodhound IconBloodhound -
Wererat IconWererat -
Doomrat IconDoomrat -
Gorger IconGorger -
Ringmaw IconRingmaw -
Lesser Drake IconLesser Drake -
Cerulean Drake IconCerulean Drake -
Rust Drake IconRust Drake -
Grashtrike IconGrashtrike -
Queen Grashtrike IconQueen Grashtrike -
Venomantis IconVenomantis -
Blugu IconBlugu -
Terpsicolt IconTerpsicolt -
Hedgehog Pie IconHedgehog Pie -
Hedgehog Pie King IconHedgehog Pie King -
Scissorclaw IconScissorclaw Physical
Sahagin IconSahagin -
Sahagin Prince IconSahagin Prince -
Cripshay IconCripshay -
Tonberry IconTonberry -
Bugaboo IconBugaboo -
Malboro IconMalboro -
Darkstar IconDarkstar -
Abzu IconAbzu -
Abzu Shoat IconAbzu Shoat -
Mischievous Shoat IconMischievous Shoat -
Wayward Wolf IconWayward Wolf -
Toxirat IconToxirat -
Horned Cripshay IconHorned Cripshay -
Levrikon IconLevrikon -

What are Biological Enemies?

Biological enemies are beings that have been given life naturally, though some of them are given artificial enhancements and have mutated. These enemies become hostile when threatened or when trained and commanded to attack. They are often weak to ice or other types of magic.

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Types of Enemies
Human Biological Artificial Life
Mechanical Unreadable


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