How to Save Your Game

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This is a guide on how to save your game progress in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). If you want to learn how to save your game, where you can save, and where you can call a Moogle, read on.

How do I Save?

Moogle Saving.jpg

To save your game you have two options. You can either interact with Moogles or look for visible or hidden save points in the latter part of the game to record your progress. Simply follow the steps below to save your game!

How to Save
1 Interact with the Moogle or other apparatus.
2 Select Save.
3 Choose where you would like to save your game.

What is a Moogle?

If you are not familiar with the Final Fantasy series, Moogles are the furry creatures with red antenna-like balls over their heads. They have several purposes, one of which is saving your game.

Moogles in Towns, Villages and Other Places

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200227160825.jpg

Moogles appear in different parts of the world from Kingdoms like Alexandria or towns like Conde Petie to dungeons like Gizamaluke's Grotto.

Moogles on the World Map

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200227160625.jpg

You can also call a Moogle while on the World Map using the Moogle's Flute you receive after your escape from Evil's Forest.

Note: This key item is not missable so no need to worry.

Receiving the Moogle's Flute.

Where Can I Find Moogles?

Each location in the game is home to at least one, maybe two Moogles. They will sometimes be hidden (though easily identified) or hanging out at the entrance of dungeons. These fluffy friends are not difficult to find so you should have no trouble in keeping your progress saved!

What Are Visible and Hidden Save Points?

FINAL FANTASY IX_20200227161214.jpg

Visible and Hidden Save Points are only available in the final dungeon, Memoria. Instead of a Moogle, you will have to interact with a bubble if it's visible.

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