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This page contains information about the side story - Thuggish Angel Roseria in the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information such as event schedule, rewards, and tips on clearing stages in this event.

Album Side Story! Thuggish Angel Roseria

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Let's see what had happened to Rose before she met Cecilia and returned to Eureka.

An album Side Story, Thuggish Angel Roseria opens for Heirs in Epic Seven.

Event Schedule

1/13 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/27 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


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Unlike other Side Stories, Thuggish Angel Roseria doesn't have story stages.

If in terms of content, the format of Thuggish Angel Roseria is akin to the Reputation found in-game..

You are given various challenges and awarded once each challenge is completed.

The side story is comprised of 24 puzzle pieces that make the whole.

Once you've completed all 24 challenged, you'll be rewarded with an event-limited Illustration that can be found in the Art Journal in-game.

Clicking on a puzzle piece gives you a challenge that you must complete to attain the offered reward, as well as the said puzzle piece.

You can have 3 puzzle pieces active at any given time.

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Completing Puzzle Piece challenges will help unlock story stages as well as story battles as you progress.

Thuggish Angel Roseria Challenge Rewards

Instead of collecting tokens and exchanging them at an exchange shop, rewards are hidden behind each Puzzle Piece.

Though there are a fixed set of prizes, their locations within the Side Story Map are random.


Reward Quantity
Conversation and Persuasion
Epic Ring
Skill Enhancer
5 Covenant Bookmarks
Equipment Conversion Gem Selection Chest
Selection Chest
2 Leif
Gold Transmit Stone
Epic Weapon Charm
Epic Armor Charm
Epic Helm Charm
Epic Boot Charm
Epic Ring Charm
Epic Necklace Charm
Reforging Material Selection Chestt
Selection Chest
250,000 Gold

Main Rewards

Conversation and Persuasion

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The Set, Main Stat, and Substat of each piece of Equipment is fixed. However, after purchasing, the substats, when enhanced, will be increased at random.

Other Rewards

Thuggish Angel Roseria Other Rewards.png
Gold Transmit Stone, MolaGora, Charms, and other items are up for grabs throughout the event!

Tips for Stage Clearing

Beginner Friendly

Thuggish Angel Roseria Challenge Example.png
As there are no actual stages, aside from two that are part of the story, this Side Story is very approachable, even for beginners.

The challenges are generic in a way such as Clear Wyvern Hunt, Craft X Number of Equipment that you can easily do this even on the lowest difficulty stages.

Gives Incentives to Grinding

This Side Story will help reward you even more while you grind for materials and craft those special equipment sets you need in tackling the Abyss or even challenging yourself with the new Automaton Tower

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