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Remnant Violet - Rating and Stats

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This page contains the Rating and Stats for the character Remnant Violet in the game Epic Seven, with detailed information on Remnant Violet's Strengths and Weaknesses, Skills, and more. Read on to find out about our recommended Artifacts for Remnant Violet, and our overall evaluation of Remnant Violet as a character.

Remnant Violet - Rating

Remnant Violet

Overall Rating 8.5/10


  • Passive skill can grant Increased Evasion from the start of the battle.
  • Ultimate skill can penetrate defense by 50%.


  • Does not have AoE attacks.
  • Ultimate skill has a long turn cooldown.

Remnant Violet - Recommended Artifacts

Artifact Reason for Recommendation
Violet Talisman Icon.pngViolet Talisman A great artifact to increase this hero's Evasion and also increase his Attack at the start of every turn.
Moonlight Dreamblade Icon.pngMoonlight Dreamblade Also increases Evasion and grants increased Attack when this hero successfully evades an enemy attack.

Remnant Violet - Stats

Basic Information

Grade ★5 - ★6
Element Dark
Class Thief
Zodiac Leo

Stats (at Max Lv.)

CP 14130
Atk 961
HP 4718
Spd 116
Def 522
Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Damage
15% 150%
Dual Attack Chance Effectiveness
5% 0%
Effect Resistance

Remnant Violet - Skills and Specialty


Sword FlashSword Flash
Skill Effect:
Cuts the enemy, with a 60% chance to decrease Hit Chance for 1 turn.
Concentration (Remnant Violet)Concentration (Remnant Violet)
Skill Effect:
At the start of the caster's turn, has a 70% chance to increase Evasion of the caster for 1 turn. After successfully evading, gains 1 Focus. When Focus is at 5 after being attacked, consumes it all and u ses Massacre against a random enemy.
Skill Effect:
Increases Attack of the caster for 2 turns, before attacking with a sword. Penetrates Defense by 50%.


Cruel Heart
Cruel Heart Reward Bonus: +10%
Dispatch Mission: [Strong Leader] Attribute

Remnant Violet - Awakening

Awaken Main Additional
1 Attack: +3% Attack: +20
Health: +60
2 Attack: +3% Attack: +20
Health: +60
3 Enhance: Concentration Attack: +20
Health: +60
4 Critical Hit Chance: +8% Attack: +30
Health: +80
5 Attack: +6% Attack: +30
Health: +80
6 Attack: +6% Attack: +30
Health: +80

Remnant Violet - Enhancements

Skill Enhancement

Required Materials
Gold.pngGold MolaGora.pngMolaGora
Twisted Fang.pngTwisted Fang Blazing Soul.pngBlazing Soul


Required Materials
Dark Rune.pngDark Rune Greater Dark Rune.pngGreater Dark Rune Epic Dark Rune.pngEpic Dark Rune
Ultra Fang.pngUltra Fang Blazing Soul.pngBlazing Soul

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