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This page contains the Rating and Stats for the character Watcher Schuri in the game Epic Seven, with detailed information on Watcher Schuri's Strengths and Weaknesses, Skills, and more. Read on to find out about our recommended Artifacts for Watcher Schuri, and our overall evaluation of Watcher Schuri as a character.

Watcher Schuri - Rating

Watcher Schuri

Overall Rating 8.75/10


  • Has Increased Speed buff.
  • Ultimate skill has a Penetrate effect which ignores enemy defense.


  • Ultimate has a long turn cooldown.

Watcher Schuri - Recommended Artifacts

Artifact Reason for Recommendation
Portrait of the Saviors Icon.pngPortrait of the Saviors You will want to go for higher damage output since his Ultimate disregards enemy Defense.
Iron Fan Icon.pngIron Fan This hero is usually used on Banshee hunts. Using this artifact can enhance his damage output on Banshee hunts.

Watcher Schuri - Stats

Basic Information

Grade ★4 - ★6
Element Light
Class Ranger
Zodiac Scorpio

Stats (at Max Lv.)

CP 13659
Atk 753
HP 5203
Spd 106
Def 557
Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Damage
15% 150%
Dual Attack Chance Effectiveness
5% 0%
Effect Resistance

Watcher Schuri - Skills and Specialty


Skill Effect:
Shoots the enemy with a rifle, with a 35% chance to target them for 2 turns.
Skill Effect:
Shoots all enemies with a rifle, with a 75% chance to dispel one buff. The caster is granted increased Speed for 2 turns.
Finishing ShotFinishing Shot
Skill Effect:
Shoots a magic bullet at the enemy, penetrating their Defense by 80%.


Hypervision Reward Bonus: +10%
Dispatch Mission: [Hidden Clue] Attribute

Watcher Schuri - Awakening

Awaken Main Additional
1 Attack: +3% Attack: +20
Health: +60
2 Critical Hit Chance: +4% Attack: +20
Health: +60
3 Enhance: Finishing Shot Attack: +20
Health: +60
4 Health: +6% Attack: +30
Health: +80
5 Attack: +6% Attack: +30
Health: +80
6 Critical Hit Chance: +8% Attack: +30
Health: +80

Watcher Schuri - Enhancements

Skill Enhancement

Required Materials
Gold.pngGold MolaGora.pngMolaGora MolaGora Go.pngMolaGora Go
Sharp Spearhead.pngSharp Spearhead Black Curse Powder.pngBlack Curse Powder


Required Materials
Light Rune.pngLight Rune Greater Light Rune.pngGreater Light Rune Epic Light Rune.pngEpic Light Rune
Erikion Carapace.pngErikion Carapace Black Curse Powder.pngBlack Curse Powder

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