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Wondering about which controller to use for Smash Ultimate? Check our best controller guide to know which is the best controller for your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) experience!

Best Controller to Use

Product Name Recommendation Level
gamecubeOriginal game Cube Controller ★★★★★
gc usbHori Battle Pad ★★★★★
switch pro conPro Controller ★★★★☆
joycon gripJoy Con Grip ★★★☆☆
joycon sidewayJoy Con Sideways ★★★☆☆
two joyconTwo Joy Cons ★☆☆☆☆

Explanation of Controller Types


Recommendation ★★★★★
Included With Switch??
Price $24.99
GC Adapter: $29.99 (New)
・Great for those who are used to playing Smash with it
・Notches on control and C-Stick
・Great layout for Smash Bros.
・Will always be compatible with Smash games
・Requires an adaptor to be used on Switch docks
・Both Controller and Gamecube Adaptor may be hard to obtain

The original gamecube controller is what will make you feel at home when playing smash bros ultimate if you came from the older smash bros games. However, it requires an adaptor to use on your switch and obtaining one may be a tad bit difficult.

Gamecube Adaptor

The required adaptor to play use gamecube controllers on the Switch. It can be purchased for around $29.99 but once you have it, multiple gamecube controllers can now be used in a single switch, making it a good purchase for the fans of the old.

Hori Battle Pad

gc usb.jpg
Recommendation ★★★★★
Included With Switch?? X
Price 29.99$
・Cheap Price
・Highly similar to gamecube controllers, but with an extra shoulder button
・No adaptors needed, just plug it into the Switch
・To use many Hori Battle Pad, you'll need to use additional USB sockets for your switch

In terms of shape, functionality, and much more, the Hori Battle Pad stands at the top together with its original counterpart gamecube controllers. Unlike the Gamecube controller, it uses a usb port which saves you the trouble of getting an adaptor for your controllers.

Switch Pro Controller

switch pro.jpg
Recommendation ★★★★☆
Included With Switch?? X
Price $69.99
・Extra Shoulder Button
・Compatible with other switch games
・Standard controller for tournaments
・Compatible with other amiibos
・Lacks notches for sticks
・Must be disconnected from Switches after each set in Tournament play

The standard switch controller used for switch games and tournaments for Smash Ultimate. It's a wireless controller which makes it great for home use but at the same time, it being wireless means there could be slight input delays when playing. It's also a bit costy so if you wish to go for home use controllers, sticking to joycons may be the best option.

Joycon Grip

joycon grio.jpg
Recommendation ★★★☆☆
Included With Switch??
Price $79.99 (joycon)
・Great compatibility with switch games
・Comes together with a Switch purchase
・Small buttons
・Prone to drifting
・High price

The Joycon grip is a decent option if you want to start out in Smash. The buttons may be small for a fighting game which makes it difficult to use but if you only wish to enjoy playing smash then the joycon grip is definitely enough for your daily smash usage.

Sideway Joycon

joycon sideway.jpg
Recommendation ★★★☆☆
Included With Switch??
Price $79.99 (joycon)
・Great compatibility with switch games
・Comes together with a Switch purchase
・No tilt stick
・Small buttons
・High Price

The go to setup when hosting a smash party with new players. Using joycons that come with the switch, you can host two players immediately. While it is not an ideal controller to use in organized play, it'll do for casual setups.

Two Joycons

two joycon.jpg
Included With Switch??
・Great compatibility with switch games
・Comes together with a Switch purchase
・Small buttons
・High price
・Prone to drifting
・No grip makes playing harder

Using two joycons without a grip is a taxing experience. Without a grip, it's even way harder to use small inputs when playing. Highly unrecommended.

Controller Rating

Did you agree with our rating? Leave a comment below on which controller feels the best for you and let's help out our fellow smash players! Now that you know which controller to buy, see our guide to the best Smash Ultimate controller settings!

Best Custom Control Settings

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I’m pretty good at smash bros and I use the no grip joycons


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