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Ver. 5.0.0 Patch Notes and Balance Changes

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Ver. 13.0.1 Patch Notes and Balance Changes

A list of patch notes and balance changes for characters in the Ver. 5.0.0 Update of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU). Read on to see which characters received buffs, who got nerfed, as well as other fixes that took place in Smash Ultimate.

Characters Who Received Balance Changes in Ver. 5.0.0


Yoshi.png Peach.png Daisy.png Ice Climbers.png Villager.png
Rosalina & Luna.png Joker.png Hero.png


No characters were nerfed this patch.


All Fighters

Ver. 5.0.0 Patch Notes

All Fighters

All Fighters
Basic Movements Previously, if you were in the air and held the shield button and input left, right, or down, and then continued to hold the shield button until you landed, you would dodge in the direction input upon landing. Now, you will only dodge after landing if you input the direction after landing.
Basic Movements Adjusted the time until you can move again after grab parrying to be consistent.


Yoshi ImageYoshi
Basic Movements Made it so that you can grab using input buffering after dodging, like other fighters.


Peach ImagePeach
Up Special Made it easier to hit multiple times.


Daisy ImageDaisy
Up Special Made it easier to hit multiple times.

Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers ImageIce Climbers
Basic Movements Restored Nana's ability to steal edge grabs.


Villager ImageVillager
Up Smash Attack Buried opponents will now be shot up and hit multiple times.

Rosalina and Luma

Rosalina & Luma ImageRosalina & Luma
Other Hero’s Snooze will no longer prevent Luma from being controlled, similar to other instances of sleep.


Joker ImageJoker
Other Adjusted the time it takes to move again to match other fighters when bouncing while lying facedown.


Hero ImageHero
Neutral Special After Kafrizz hits a fighter or the stage and explodes, it can now be guarded against with a shield, reflected, or absorbed.
Down Special Increased the amount of time opponents will be in the damage animation when hit at the beginning of Magic Burst.
Other Adjusted the time it takes to move again to match other fighters when bouncing while lying facedown.

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