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This is a walkthrough for the last section of The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Use this guide to learn how to reach this section and defeat the bosses to complete the game.

Getting to the Wind Fish's Egg

Getting to Wind Fish's Egg Objectives

No. Objective
1 (Optional:) Complete the side quests for better equipment in preparation for the final battle.
2 Stock up on Magic Powder.
3 Head to the Village Library and read 'Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint'.
4 Head to Mt. Tamaranch and climb up to the Wind Fish's Egg.
5 Play Ballad of the Wind Fish, and head inside.

Preparing for the Final Battle

Before marching in to the final battle, there are a few preparations you may want to take, to ensure a smooth victory. All of the following upgrades are completely optionally, so you are free to skip ahead, but if you are trying to 100% the game, or you just want to have a higher chance of defeating the Final Boss, the following upgrades and items will be essential.

The Boomerang

Trade Sequence 15-1.jpg
If you did not already obtain the Boomerang after getting the Hookshot, now would be a good time to go back for it, as it is quite useful for dealing with the boss's final form. To obtain the Boomerang, you will need to complete the Trading Sequence, which can be found in the link below.
Trading Sequence Guide

Red/Blue Mail

Blue Mail.jpgEnlarge Red Mail.jpgEnlarge

The Red Tunic increases your damage output, while the Blue Tunic increases your defense. While either of these will be useful, you most likely have enough hearts and fairies at this point to keep your health up, so we recommend using the Red Tunic. Both of these can be obtained by completing the Color Dungeon and speaking with the Great Fairy at the end. For informaiton on this optional dungeon, see the link below.
Color Dungeon Walkthrough

The Koholint Sword

Seashell MansionEnlarge

The Koholint Sword deals double the damage of Link's regular sword, and will also shoot beams when he has full health. It can be obtained by collecting 40 Seashells and bringing them to Seashell Mansion. If you would like to figure out where to find all of those seashells, see the link below.
Secret Seashell Locations and Rewards

Maximum Hearts!

Heart ContainerEnlarge

If you have not collected all 32 Pieces of Heart, you may wish to go back and find the ones you are missing in order to have more hearts available. If you need help finding the remaining Pieces of Heart, see the link below.
Pieces of Heart Locations

Stock Up on Fairies!

Empty Bottle
There are three Empty Bottles that can be obtained in Link's Awakening. They primarily have only one use in this game, which is holding Fairies, which revive you if you run out of hearts. Collecting these bottles and having a few fairies can save you when you are in a pinch, so see the link below if you would like to know where to obtain these bottles.
Empty Bottle Guide
Additonally, you can go by Crazy Tracy's Spa and pay 28 rupees for some Secret Medicine, which also has the function of reviving you when you have run out of hearts. With three Fairy Bottles and some Secret Medicine in your inventory, victory is almost certain!

Restock on Magic Powder

Magic PowderEnlarge

This item will actually be required for the first battle coming up, so make sure you have enough of it! Magic Powder can be obtained by giving the witch north of the Cemetary a Toadstool, or by purchasing it for 100 rupees. It is also a prize at Trendy Game.

Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint

Dark Secrets of and Mysteries KoholintEnlarge

Once you are finished preparing for the final battle, we have one last stop we will have to make. Travel back to Mabe Village, and head west to the Village Library. Once inside, you will see a black book in the bottom right corner in the room titled 'Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint'. Go over to it and read it.
Wind Fish PathEnlarge

This book will reveal the path that you must take within the Wind Fish's Egg. The exact path that shows up will vary for each game, so you should probably write down the path, or take a picture of it. With that, we can head toward Mt. Tamaranch by warping to Dampe's Shack or Manbo's Pond.

The Instruments of the Sirens

Instruments of the SirensEnlarge OwlEnlarge

Climb the ladder at Mt. Tamaranch, then head up the stairs until you are standing directly in front of the Wind Fish's Egg. Now equip your Ocarina, and select the song taught to you by Marin, Ballad of the Wind Fish. Now play the song, which will cause all eight of the Instruments of the Sirens to appear and play along. After this, the egg will open up, and the owl will come speak with you. Step inside the egg.

Wind Fish's Egg Walkthrough

Wind Fish's Egg Objectives

No. Objective
1 Go through the first room and fall through the abyss.
2 Go up a room, then follow the path written in 'Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint'.
3 Go through the circular void.
4 Defeat the Shadow Nightmare.
5 Awaken the Wind Fish and complete the game.

Finding the Shadow Nightmare

Wind Fish AbyssEnlarge

Once inside, proceed forward into the next room. This next room is nothing but a large abyss. Take the leap of faith and jump into it. After landing, you will be in a room with a north and south exit. Heading south takes you back to the start, so instead go forward a room.
Wind Fish RoomEnlarge

The next room you go to will have paths on every side. Follow the path that was previously written in 'Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint'. Every room you enter will look exactly the same, but do not worry. As long as you follow the right order, you should arrive at the correct location.

Wind Fish VoidEnlarge Shadow NightmareEnlarge

Going through all of the rooms in the correct order will give you the familiar puzzle solution chime and lead you to a room with a circular void in the center. Hop through it and prepare for the final battle, Shadow Nightmare.

Wind Fish's Egg Nightmare: Shadow Nightmare

Shadow Nightmare Phase 1: Giant Blob

Giant BlobEnlarge

The first form of the Shadow Nightmare is a circular blob that bounces around the room, hitting the floor three or four times before vanishing or disappearing. At first, none of your weapons will damage it. None of them, except for the Magic Powder. You will need to time it so that you sprinkle it on him right as he lands. You need to do this three times to defeat him, at which point he will transform.

Shadow Nightmare Phase 2: Agahnim’s Shadow

Agahnim’s ShadowEnlarge

The second form will warp around the room and shoot one of two projectiles at you. The red projectile can be blocked, but you need to hit it with your sword to send it back at him. Do this a total of four or so times to defeat this form.
Agahnim’s Shadow BlueEnlarge

Be aware that occassionally he may throw a blue projectile that consists of four balls at you. You cannot block or hit it, so run out of the way to avoid it. If it hits the wall, it will bounce off in several directions, so be ready to dodge these as well.

Shadow Nightmare Phase 3: Moldorm


The third form is the same as the nightmare of the first dungeon, Moldorm. Just like before, you need to attack his tail several times while avoiding his head and body, and his speed will increase as he takes more damage. You can use a Spin-Attack to deal extra damage while he is still slow moving. The Boomerang is also quite useful for securing a hit towards the end when he is moving very fast. After taking enough hits, he will die, transforming once again.

Shadow Nightmare Phase 4: Shadow of Ganon

Shadow of GanonEnlarge

The next form is a bit more challenging. He will spin a trident while summoning flaming bats to fly at you. Jump over them with Roc's Feather or just move out of the way, and he will throw his trident at you after they have all gone (none of these attacks can be blocked). After he throws his trident, charge up a Spin-Attack and hit him on his side. You can also dash into him with your Pegasus Boots.

Shadow Nightmare Phase 5: Lanmola


In this form, he will hover quickly around the room trying to run into you, occasionally vanishing and reappearing. Be sure to have Roc's Feather equipped here, as it makes avoiding his movement much easier. Use either the Boomerang or your Bow to hit his head, casuing him to pause temporary, and allowing you to unleash a flurry or Boomerang or Arrow hits. He can also be damaged via a Spin-Attack.

Shadow Nightmare Phase 6: Dethl

Dethl 1Enlarge Dethl 2Enlarge

Now we face the final form of this beast. Dethl has two arms, which move around him in both clockwise and counter-clockwise motions. His hands have large spikes on them, and he is constantly trying to move into you or hit you with his arms. Equip Roc's Feather and either the Boomerang or Bow, and use either of them to attack his eye when it opens, while jumping over his arms with the feather. If you are using the Bow, you can sometimes land two shots while his eye is open.


After enough hits, he be defeted revealing a flight of stairs. Climb up them, and enjoy the final cutscene. Congratulations! You have beaten The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Koholint IslandEnlarge

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