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This is a guide for the Trading Sequence in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see full walkthrough for this side quest.

What is the Trading Sequence

Trading Sequence is a series of exchanges in items to meet the needs of several characters you will encounter during your adventure in Koholint Island. There are a total of 14 trades to complete before you obtain a hidden reward.

Trading Sequence Steps

Yoshi Doll

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NPC: Trendy Game
Required Item: Rupees
Reward: Yoshi Doll
Location: Mabe Village
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Play the Trendy Game and grab the Yoshi doll. Playing the Trendy Game requires 10 Rupees per attempt.


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NPC: Mamasha
Required Item: Yoshi Doll
Reward: Ribbon
Location: Mabe Village
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Upon leaving Trendy Game and receiving the Yoshi Doll, Kidoh will tell you that her mother wants the Yoshi Doll. Proceed north of the Trendy Game and find the house with 2 entrances. Inside you will see Mamasha. Give her the Yoshi Doll to receive the Ribbon.

Canned Food

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NPC: CiaoCiao
Required Item: Ribbon
Reward: Canned Food
Location: Mabe Village
Trade Sequence 3-2.jpgEnlarge
Take the Ribbon to CiaoCiao's House, which is the house guarded by BowWow. Enter the right side door and speak with the small Chain-Chomp there to exchange the Ribbon for the Canned Food.


Trade Sequence 4-1.jpg
NPC: Sale
Required Item: Canned Food
Reward: Bananas
Location: Toronbo Shores
Trade Sequence 4-2.jpgEnlarge
After Receiving the Canned Food from CiaoCiao, go to Sale's house in Toronbo Shores (the house is near several banana trees). There you will receive Bananas for your Canned Food.


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NPC: Kiki the Monkey
Required Item: Bananas
Reward: Stick
Location: Ukuku Prairie
Trade Sequence 5-2.jpgEnlarge
Go left from the Ukuku Prairie Poral, and you will encounter a large skull blocking the way. Use bombs to destroy the skull and clear the path. From there, proceed left and you will see Kiki the Monkey below Kanlet Castle on the right. Trade your Bananas for the Twig.


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NPC: Tarin
Required Item: Stick
Reward: Honeycomb
Location: Ukuku Prairie
Trade Sequence 6-2.jpgEnlarge
Talk to Tarin in Ukuku Prairie and let him borrow your Stick to poke the beehive. It will drop the Honeycomb. Tarin will not appear in this area if Key Cavern is not yet finished.


Trade Sequence 7-1.jpg
NPC: Chef Bear
Required Item: Honeycomb
Reward: Pinapple
Location: Animal Village
Trade Sequence 7-2.jpgEnlarge
Go to to lower right house in Animal Village and talk to Chef Bear to exchange your Honeycomb for a Pineapple.


Trade Sequence 8-1.jpg
NPC: Papahl
Required Item: Pineapple
Reward: Hibiscus
Location: Tal Tal Mountain Range
Trade Sequence 8-2.jpgEnlarge
Papahl will ask you for vittes, and answering yes will allow you to give him your pineapple. You will then receive a Hibiscus as a reward.


Trade Sequence 9-1.jpg
NPC: Christine
Required Item: Hibiscus
Reward: Letter
Location: Animal Village
Trade Sequence 9-2.jpgEnlarge
Talk to Christine and she will take your hibiscus in exchange for a letter that you must give to Mr. Write. Christine can be found in Animal Village, in the 3rd house from the left.


Trade Sequence 10-1.jpg
NPC: Mr.Write
Required Item: Letter
Reward: Broom
Location: Mysterious Forest
Trade Sequence 10-2.jpgEnlarge
Locate Mr. Write's house by going through the northwest exit of the Mysterious Forest. Speak to him to trade the letter for a Broom.

Fishing Hook

Trade Sequence 11-1.jpg
NPC: Grandma Yahoo
Required Item: Broom
Reward: Fishing Hook
Location: Mabe Village
(Later Animal Village)
Trade Sequence 11-2.jpgEnlarge
Give the Broom to Grandma Yahoo in Mabe Village, and she will give you the Fishing hook that she found by the riverbank. She moves to Animal Village later in the game, so if you do not find her in Mabe Village, go and check by the 4th house in Animal Village.


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NPC: Fisherman
Required Item: Fishing Hook
Reward: Necklace
Location: Martha's Bay
Trade Sequence 12-2.jpgEnlarge
The Fisherman can be seen under the wooden bridge in Martha's Bay (you will need the Flippers to swim under the bridge from the right side). Give him the Fishing hook and he will say that he will give you his next catch. You will then receive the Necklace.

Mermaid Scale

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NPC: Mermaid
Required Item: Bracelet
Reward: Mermaid Scale
Location: Martha's Bay
Trade Sequence 13-2.jpgEnlarge
Just above Martha's Bay you will see a mermaid in the middle of the water. She will ask you to give her missing necklace back. Returning it will give you the Scale.

Magnifying Lens

Trade Sequence 14-1.jpg
NPC: Mermaid Statue
Required Item: Mermaid Scale
Reward: Magnifying Lens
Location: Martha's Bay
Trade Sequence 14-2.jpgEnlarge
Once you have the Hookshot, you can grabble across to the wooden crate and reach a secret area. Use the mermaid scale on the mermaid statue. Inside the cave that appears, there are many invisible enemies, so swing your sword to keep them away. Go to the end and you will find the Magnifying Lens.


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NPC: Giroya
Required Item: Magnifying Lens and Shovel
Reward: Boomerang
Location: Toronbo Shores
Trade Sequence 15-2.jpgEnlarge
At the bottom area of the Toronbo Shores you will see a cracked wall that you can break using a bomb. After bombing it, step inside and trade your shovel for the boomerang. (Note: You will not see Giroya without the Maynifying Lens) Talk to him again to buy it back for 300 rupees.

Trading Sequence Tips

  • You can complete the trading sequence as soon as you get the Hookshot.
  • You can use the Magnifying Lens to discover hidden enemies and NPCs.
  • The Boomerang is extremely useful when trying to complete Chamber Dungeons with sword restrictions.
  • The Boomerang can 1 hit or stun most of the enemies.

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