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Automaton Tower resets every month and there are always different boss encountered during the final stage of the game Epic Seven. This is the Automaton Tower for the month of July 2020, read on for more information on how to beat the tower.

Automaton Tower

Automaton Tower.png

How to Unlock

To unlock the Automaton Tower you need to Clear Chapter 6: Stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner

Notable Floor Rewards

Floor Conquer Reward
Floor 5 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 5)
20 Skystone
Floor 10 1 Greater Necklace Charm
1 Greater Ring Charm
Floor 15 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 15)
20 Skystone
Floor 20 1 Leif
10 Covenant Bookmark
Floor 25 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 25)
30 Skystone
Floor 30 2 Greater Necklace Charm
2 Greater Ring Charm
Floor 35 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 35)
30 Skystone
Floor 40 1 MolaGora
1 Leif
Floor 45 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 45)
40 Skystone
Floor 50 1 Tera-Phantasma
5 Silver Transmit Stone
Floor 55 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 55)
50 Skystone
Floor 60 1 MolaGora
2 Leif
Floor 65 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 65)
60 Skystone
Floor 70 2 Epic Necklace Charm
2 Epic Ring Charm
Floor 75 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 75)
70 Skystone
Floor 80 2 Gold Transmit Stone
Floor 85 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 85)
80 Skystone
Floor 90 2 MolaGora
Floor 94 1 Epic Necklace Charm
1 Epic Ring Charm
Floor 95 Automaton Tower Reward Chest (Floor 95)
100 Skystone
Floor 99 2 Epic Necklace Charm
2 Epic Ring Charm
Floor 100 5 Galaxy Bookmarks

Note:The floors that are not mentioned here, their corresponding conquer reward are Gold.

Floor 95 - Walkthrough (July, 2020)

Tips for Clearing ・Bring a hero that can dispel the boss barrier.
・A cleanser is also needed in this stage to counter the Bleeding debuffs inflicted by the boss.
Recommended DPS Heroes
Vildred Icon.pngVildred Arbiter Vildred Icon.pngArbiter Vildred Charles Icon.pngCharles
Tamarinne Icon.pngTamarinne Angelic Montmorancy Icon.pngAngelic Montmorancy Angelica Icon.pngAngelica
Recommended Heroes with Dispel
Tywin Icon.pngTywin Iseria Icon.pngIseria Charles Icon.pngCharles
Shadow Rose Icon.jpgShadow Rose Taranor Royal Guard Icon.pngTaranor Royal Guard Falconer Kluri Icon.pngFalconer Kluri

Battle 1

Aranea Gigantes.png
Enemies Aranea Gigantes

The enemy has a counterattack so be sure to bring a healer for your team especially for your DPS to survive this stage. If you can sustain your team in this stage you can clear this easily.

Battle 2

Orichalcum Gigantes.png
Enemies Orichalcum Gigantes

You will need a Dispel and Cleanser hero for this stage. If you don't have them you may not clear this stage. If the boss HP becomes low it will activate the Barrier you will use your Dispel hero to dispel the boss Barrier buffs. For the cleanser you will have to use the cleanse skill for your hero if the boss inflicts Bleeding debuffs to your team.

Floor 100 - Walkthrough (July, 2020)

Tips for Clearing ・Bring a cleanser that can dispel debuffs inflicted by the boss
・A healer that can sustain your team will be needed here.
Recommended Heroes
Vildred Icon.pngVildred Arbiter Vildred Icon.pngArbiter Vildred Commander Lorina Icon.pngCommander Lorina
Tamarinne Icon.pngTamarinne Angelic Montmorancy Icon.pngAngelic Montmorancy Angelica Icon.pngAngelica

Battle 1

Rust-Skull Warlock.png
Enemies Rust-Skull Warlock

Rust-Skull Warlocks can be defeated easily by cleaving them since there are going to be 4 of them during this stage. It is recommended to defeat them fast because they can inflict debuffs that will make it hard for your team.

Battle 2

Scornful Gaze Brassia.png
Enemies Scornful Gaze Brassia

Always bring a stripper hero to dispel the buffs granted to the boss when it attacks using its skills. Other than that, this floor is going to be a walk in the park for you. Don't forget to bring a support hero for healing to sustain the damages received from the boss.

Automaton Tower Tips


Stigma Weaken.png
You can use Stigma to weaken the monster of a certain floors. You can use this option if you are stuck on a certain floor. It can weaken the monsters up to 30% in exchange for a certain amount of Stigmas.
Note: Stigma cost will depend on the floor difficulty on how much it will cost to weaken the monsters.

Use Cleave Hero

Vildred Automaton.png
Using a cleave hero for the other floors can be really easy since most of the floors contains a lot of monster on a single stage. This will help you finish the Automaton Tower a lot faster.
For more information about Cleave, see the link below:
What is Cleave

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