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How to Juggle

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Here is our guide to juggling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Check here for a breakdown of what juggling is and how to do it effectively!

What is Juggling?

Don't Let Them Land!

Juggling is the art of preventing your opponent from touching the ground by keeping them airborne with attacks. There are various ways to keep your opponent in the air, such as with aerial attacks or with special moves, but they can all be referred to as juggling.

Easy Targets

Each character's ability to be juggled will vary depending on their hitboxes and weight. Typically, fast falling characters, like Captain Falcon, or big characters, like Bowser, are relatively easy to juggle.

How to Juggle Effectively

Best Moves for Juggling

Many character's up aerial or neutral aerial attack will be the main tool for juggling once your opponent is in the air. Wide, overarching hitboxes that stay out long make for the best tools. Ike and Cloud's up air are good examples of this.

Read your Opponent's Landing

Character's with predictable landing moves can make good targets for juggling. If you suspect your opponent is going to air dodge to get out of being juggled, timing a dash attack can throw them back into the air.

Mix Ups

Mix up your attacks to keep your opponent in the air. While two up airs back-to-back may catch your opponent the first time, they may try to air dodge through it the second time. Mixing up the timing of your attacks will be key to keeping your opponent in the air for as long as possibe.

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