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List of Assist Trophies

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List of Assist Trophies

This is a guide to all the Assist Trophies and their effects in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU) on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what Assist Trophies are and how to use them effectively!

What are Assist Trophies?

Assist Trophy

Assist Trophies are a type of Item that, when grabbed, summon a character to assist the fighter by performing a unique move.

When grabbed, the Assist Trophy is automatically activated if the holder is standing on the ground.

List of All Assist Trophies

Character Move Series
SSBU Akira ImageAkira Performs powerful physical attacks using Hakkyoku-Ken. Virtua Fighter
SSBU Alucard ImageAlucard Slashes at nearby opponents, and can travel around the stage as mist or a bat. Castlevania
SSBU Andross ImageAndross Moves into the background, then fires polygon panels at the stage. Can't be KO'd. Star Fox
SSBU Arcade Bunny ImageArcade Bunny Grabs opponents with a crane. Can't be KO'd. Nintendo Badge Arcade
SSBU Ashley ImageAshley Creates a cursed zone of darkness. Can't be KO'd. Wario
SSBU Black Knight ImageBlack Knight Slowly approaches, and then executes several extremely powerful slashing attacks. Fire Emblem
SSBU Bomberman ImageBomberman Places bombs that cause chain explosions, and will also place remotely detonated bombs. Bomberman
SSBU Burrowing Snagret ImageBurrowing Snagret Pecks at opponents with its beak. Pikmin
SSBU Chain Chomp ImageChain Chomp Jumps at nearby opponents, biting at them fiercely. Super Mario Bros.
SSBU Chef Kawasaki ImageChef Kawasaki Grabs hold of opponents and mixes them into a pot. Once the broth is ready, he'll make health recovery items! Kirby
SSBU Color TV-Game 15 ImageColor TV-Game 15 Starts a rally with two paddles and will also reflect any projectiles that hit them. Color TV-Game
SSBU Devil ImageDevil Moves the stage in whichever direction he points. Can't be KO'd. Devil World
SSBU Dillon ImageDillon Rolls around wildly with Roll Attack, and finishes with a powerful final blow. Dillon's Rolling Western
SSBU Dr. Kawashima ImageDr. Kawashima Causes huge explosions if two numbers collide and add up to 10. Can't be KO'd. Brain Age
SSBU Dr. Wright ImageDr. Wright Calls a building up from the ground. If he's struck, he'll counterattack with a huge building! SimCity
SSBU Flies & Hand ImageFlies & Hand Appears and tries to swat several annoying flies. Super Mario Bros.
SSBU Ghirahim ImageGhirahim Throws knives and slashes with a blade, closing in on opponents by dashing and warping. The Legend of Zelda
SSBU Ghosts ImageGhosts Four ghosts wander around the stage. Defeating one will send the rest fleeing. Pac-Man
SSBU Gray Fox ImageGray Fox Uses a high-frequency blade to cut down opponents and reflect projectiles. Metal Gear
SSBU Guile ImageGuile Uses Flash Kick on nearby opponents. Street Fighter
SSBU Hammer Bro ImageHammer Bro Throws hammers. Lots and lots of hammers. Super Mario Bros.
SSBU Isaac ImageIsaac Uses hands, created with Psynergy, to carry opponents away. Golden Sun
SSBU Jeff ImageJeff Fires a volley of five bottle rockets. Can't be KO'd. EarthBound (Mother)
SSBU KappKapp'n Takes opponents who are hit by the bus off of the screen. Can't be KO'd. Animal Crossing
SSBU Klaptrap ImageKlaptrap Leaps up on opponents and bites down with sharp fangs. Donkey Kong
SSBU Knuckle Joe ImageKnuckle Joe Opens with a Vulcan jab, and then unleashes a Smash Punch or Rising Break. Kirby
SSBU Knuckles ImageKnuckles Dishes out uppercuts and spin attacks to opponents. Sonic the Hedgehog
SSBU Krystal ImageKrystal Fights with a staff and shoots ice magic at opponents. Star Fox
SSBU Lyn ImageLyn Prepares and then executes a devastating slash. If she's struck, she'll counterattack. Fire Emblem
SSBU Metroid ImageMetroid Latches onto an opponent and steals their energy. It can be killed if frozen. Metroid
SSBU Midna ImageMidna Warps around the stage, grabbing and throwing opponents with a powerful swing. The Legend of Zelda
SSBU Moon ImageMoon Falls from the sky and causes a massive explosion when it hits the stage. Can't be KO'd. The Legend of Zelda
SSBU Mother Brain ImageMother Brain Shoots a powerful beam from her eye. Rinkas help her out. Metroid
SSBU Nightmare ImageNightmare Covers the stage in a deep darkness. Can't be KO'd. Kirby
SSBU Nikki ImageNikki Makes doodles on the stage that will come to life. Can't be KO'd. Swapnote
SSBU nintendog Imagenintendog Jumps up onto the screen, blocking the view. But it's too cute to be mad at. Can't be KO'd. Nintendogs
SSBU Phosphora ImagePhosphora Moves around at lightning speed, shooting three types of electric attacks. Kid Icarus
SSBU Prince of Sablé ImagePrince of Sablé Transforms into a frog or a snake, then hits opponents with a flurry of attacks. Can't be KO'd while in his prince form. Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru
SSBU Rathalos ImageRathalos Swings its tail and poisonous claws around, attacking any nearby opponents. Monster Hunter
SSBU Riki ImageRiki Applies various effects to fighters. Can't be KO'd. Xenoblade Chronicles
SSBU Rodin ImageRodin Summons a massive punch into the battle. He'll sometimes leave a weapon behind when he departs. Bayonetta
SSBU Samurai Goroh ImageSamurai Goroh Charges around the stage, swinging a dangerous katana. F-Zero
SSBU Shadow ImageShadow Uses Chaos Control to slow down opponents. Can't be KO'd. Sonic the Hedgehog
SSBU Sheriff ImageSheriff Moves around, firing a gun in eight directions. Sheriff
SSBU Shovel Knight ImageShovel Knight Attacks enemies with a shovel, and also digs hidden holes that trap enemies. Shovel Knight
SSBU Skull Kid ImageSkull Kid Does disruptive things like turning the stage upside down or making fighters invisible. Can't be KO'd. The Legend of Zelda
SSBU Spring Man ImageSpring Man Uses his extending arms to reach opponents, and uses a Rush in a pinch. ARMS
SSBU Squid Sisters ImageSquid Sisters Perform and become the focus of the camera, shrinking the screen. Can't be KO'd. Splatoon
SSBU Starfy ImageStarfy Performs a Star Spin at nearby opponents. However, the attack is weak. Starfy
SSBU Starman ImageStarman Warps around the stage, firing shots created from PSI. EarthBound (Mother)
SSBU Sukapon ImageSukapon Spins around and tackles opponents, occasionally chucking its own head. Joy Mech Fight
SSBU Takamaru ImageTakamaru Gets up close to opponents and unleashes a flurry of slashes. The Windmill Swords travel in a cross shape. The Mysterious Murasame Castle
SSBU Thwomp ImageThwomp Squishes opponents caught beneath it. Can't be KO'd. Super Mario Bros.
SSBU Tiki ImageTiki Transforms into a dragon and breathes fire. Fire Emblem
SSBU Vince ImageVince Covers up opponents with drawings and deals damage. Art Academy
SSBU Waluigi ImageWaluigi Stomps on nearby opponents and then launches them with a racket. Super Mario Bros.
SSBU Wily Capsule ImageWily Capsule Warps around the stage, shooting three different kinds of shots. Mega Man
SSBU Yuri Kozukata ImageYuri Kozukata Stuns opponents caught in the photo. Can't be KO'd. Fatal Frame
SSBU Zero (Mega Man) ImageZero (Mega Man) Slashes with the Z-Saber, and when it's time for Zero to depart, he unleashes Genmu Zero. Mega Man

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