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This is guide to Hero Mode for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about tips and strategy, as well as rewards for completing Hero Mode.

What is Hero Mode?

When starting a new game you will have to select the difficulty level of the game. You will be presented with 2 choices: Normal Mode and Hero Mode. Selecting Normal Mode offers a regular experience, giving the player enough challenge without making the game too difficult. Meanwhile, the Hero Mode gives the player a harder time by increasing the difficulty while still being fair.

This game mode is suggested for experienced players as it drastically raises the difficulty of the game. There will be no heart or fairy drops from grass or enemies. The only way to heal will be by visiting the Great Fairy, collecting Pieces of Heart, or buying hearts from the Tool Shop. On top of that, the enemies will now deal twice as much damage.

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Once you have chosen your difficulty, you will be unable to change it unless you start a new save file. When you are playing hero mode, there will be a Nightmare Icon at the lower left part of the screen.

Hero Mode Rewards

Sadly there are no rewards for completing Hero Mode. However, for many players, the difficulty presented in this mode makes completing the game on Hero Mode itself a rewarding experience, and you may find that the game is more interesting when played on this mode.

Hero Mode Tips and Strategy

Get the Blue Mail

Blue Mail
Obtain the Blue Mail from the Great Fairy in the Color Dungeon as soon as possible. This will allow you to become more durable and reduce damage taken by half.

Collect the Pieces of Heart

Piece of Heart
Try to collect all of the Pieces of Heart as soon as they are available to you. Increasing max heart capacity greatly increases your survivability. Additionally, picking up a Piece of Heart will give you full health, which can save you in a pinch. For the location of every Piece of Heart, see the guide below.

Pieces of Heart Locations

Playing Aggresively

Koholint Sword + Red Mail
Enemies will deal twice the amount of damage than they normally do, but they will still have the same amount of health. You can try to play agressive if you are familiar with the enemy movement.

Heal Up When You Can

Great Fairy Location
You can restore your health back to the max by visitng Great Fairies. There are a total of 4 Great Faries around Koholint Island. Additionally, hearts can be purchased from the Town Tool Shop of Mabe Village and won at Trendy Game.

Attack From a Distance

Bow and Arrow
Stay safe and fight from a distance using Bombs, Arrows, and the Boomerang when possible! Using projectiles allows you to avoid getting too close to and survive longer.

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