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This page shows the prices and items available in the Town Tool Shop in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, this page features a guide on how to steal from the shop. Read on to learn more!

What is the Town Tool Shop?

The Town Tool Shop is a store you can find in Mabe Village that sells various items to help you on your journey around Koholint Island.

Town Tool Shop Location

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How to Steal from the Town Tool Shop

You can steal any item from the Town Tool Shop. However, be warned that returning inside the Town Tool Shop after doing so will trigger a cut scene where the shop owner kills you instantly regardless of your health. If you are going for the perfect ending which requires zero deaths, this will ruin your chances! Additionally, stealing from the shop will also lead to everyone you speak to, including Marin and the Great Fairies, thereafter refer to you only as 'THIEF'.

First, you have grab the item you want to steal. Second, you need to position yourself directly right of the shopkeeper, hugging up to him. Hold down the left stick a bit until the shopkeeper slightly turns, facing 4 o'clock. Lightly tap the left stick pointing up, which will change the direction of shopkeeper back to 3 o'clock. Head straight to the exit the same time the shopkeeper is changing his direction to 3 o'clock to make it out with the item.

Items Sold in the Town Tool Shop

Item Cost Quantity Note
Bow and Arrow Set 980 Rupees 1 (With 10 Arrows) This item can only be bought once. This is the second most expensive item in the Town Tool Shop
Piece of Heart 200 Rupees 1 This item can be bought twice from the Town Tool Shop for 200 Rupees each.
Chamber Stone 1280 Rupees 1 Chamber Stones can be bought 7 times on the Town Tool Shop. This is the most expensive item that you can buy from the Town Tool Shop.
Bombs 10 Rupees 10
Arrows 10 Rupees 10
Shield 20 Rupees 1 A Shield can be bought as a replacement if you lose your default Shield to a Like Like. It will restock.
Shovel 200 Rupees 1 Can only be purchased once.
Heart 10 Rupees 3

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