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This is a guide for the Chamber Dungeon Side Quest in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what rewards are available, and see tips and tricks for completing the Chamber Dungeon Mini-Game.

What are Chamber Dungeons?

A New Feature to Link's Awakening

Chamber Dungeon allows you to layout and play your own dungeons for some fantastic rewards. The rooms used in Chamber Dungeons are from dungeons that you have already completed, and this includes bosses and mini-bosses.

Chamber Dungeon Rules

  • Clearing dungeons in the main story unlocks the rooms as chambers to use inside the Chamber Dungeon.
  • Rooms are arranged acording to the number of exits they have (1, 2, 3, or 4), and whether they are boss rooms or starting rooms.
  • There are different types of rooms, such as those with stairs, those with locked doors, and those with treasure chests (as well as combinations of these).
  • There are certain restrictions that appear when making chambers, such as fitting within a certain shape, or using a particular space for a chest, locked door, etc.
  • There are also certain character restrictions when adventuring, such as No Sword, Heart Limits, Time Limits, etc.

Chamber Dungeon Location


The Chamber Dungeon can be played by first talking to Dampe just below Mt. Tamaranch. After that, enter Dampe's Shack to create dungeons and adventure through them.

Chamber Stone Locations

There are a total of 14 chamber stones that can be acquired in different ways.

Trendy Game
Trendy Game - Chamber Stone.jpg After getting the Piece of Heart and Secret Seashell from Trendy Game, a Chamber Stone will be available for you to grab.
Trendy Game - Chamber Stone 2.jpg After grabbing the 10th Collectible Figure (BowWow), you will be rewarded with another Chamber Stone.
Fishing Pond
Fishing - Ol Capturing the Ol' Baron at the Fishing Pond for the first time will reward you a Chamber Stone.
Fishing - 60 Inches.jpg Capturing a fish 60 inches or bigger in the Fishing Pond Mini-Game will reward you another Chamber Stone.
Seashell Mansion
Secret Seashells - Chamber Stone.jpg Exchanging 30 Secret Seashells at Seashell Mansion will give you a Chamber Stone.
Secret Seashells - Chamber Stone 2.jpg Exchanging 50 Secret Seashells at Seashell Mansion will give you another Chamber Stone.
Rapids Race
Rapids Ride - Chamber Stone.jpg Finishing under 30 seconds in Rapids Race will reward you a Chamber Stone.
Town Tool Shop
Town Tool Shop - Chamber Stone.jpg Chamber Stones can be bought in the Town Tool Shop for 1280 Rupees 7 times.

Chamber Dungeon Rewards

Level 1

Title How to Unlock Restrictions Rewards
Dungeon Arranging 101 Finish Bottle Grotto None Chamber Stone
Placing the Basics Finish "Dungeon Arranging 101" None Chamber Stone
A Passage Across Finish "Key Cavern" and "Placing the Basics" None Chamber Stone
Filling Up Your Hearts Finish "A Passage Across" None Piece of Heart and Secret Seashell

Level 2

Title How to Unlock Restrictions Rewards
Key Hunter Finish "Fill Up Your Hearts" None Chamber Stone
Bombs Away! Angler's Tunnel None Chamber Stone and +Bomb Effect
Treasure Vault Finish "Catfish's Maw" and "Bombs Away!" None Chamber Stone
Passage Way Central Finish "Treasure Vault" None Piece of Heart

Level 3

Title How to Unlock Restrictions Rewards
Stair Decisions Finish "Face Dungeon" and "Passage Way Central" None Chamber Stone
Heart Storage Finish "Stair Decisions" 3 Hearts Empty Bottle
Sheated Sword Finish "Eagle's Tower" and "Heart Storage" No Sword Chamber Stone and +Heart Effect
Ticking Clock Finish "Turtle Rock" and "Sheated Sword" 5 Minutes time limit Heart Container and +Wallmasters Effect

Gold Level

Title How to Unlock Restrictions Rewards
Forging a Sword Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
Crafting a Shield Finish "Ticking Clock" 5 Hearts 300 Rupees
Bows > Swords Finish "Ticking Clock" No Sword 300 Rupees
Dungeon Song Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
House of Hinox Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
Back to Square One Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
Need a Hand? Finish "Ticking Clock" No Sword 300 Rupees
Zig-Zaggy Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
Nothin' but Stairs Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
Treasure Hoard Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
Skull Arrangement Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees
The Supreme Shape Finish "Ticking Clock" None 300 Rupees

Dungeon Effects

Dungeon Effects can be added to Chamber Rooms for various additional effects. There are a total of 6 Dungeon Effects available to unlock.

Bomb Effect.jpg+Bomb Effect Unlock: Finish the 6th dungeon (Bombs Away!)
Effect: Bombs will drop down as long as you are inside the room.
Hearts Effect.jpg+Hearts Effect Unlock: Finish the 11th dungeon (Sheated Sword)
Effect: Hearts will constantly drop until you leave the room.
Wallmasters Effect.jpg+Wallmasters Effect Unlock: Finish the 12th dungeon (Ticking Clock)
Effect: Upon entering a room with +Wallmasters Effect, a Wallmaster will constantly drop down to hit you every few seconds. It will always follow you even if you switch rooms.
Rupees Effect.jpg+Rupees Effect Unlock: Exchange all 50 Secret Seashells in the Seashell Mansion
Effect: Rains Rupees until you leave the room.
Monsters Effect.jpg+Monsters Effect Unlock: Get the last Collectible Figure (BowWow) in the Trendy Game
Effect: Makes more monsters spawn in the room.
+Shadow Link Effect

Chamber Dungeon Tips and Secrets

  • You will get to keep all of the rupees you get inside the dungeon, so putting a ton of treasure chests in a dungeon is an easy way to earn money. However, since the Nightmare Key is always in the last chest you unlock, this will also make the duneon longer.
  • Try to get the Bow or the Boomerang first before attempting to finish dungeons with sword restrictions. Also try to use the rooms that does not require you to kill enemies.
  • Using the Blue Tunic from the Color Dungeon will greatly help when you are trying to clear dungeons with heart restrictions.
  • Choose the rooms with the easiest enemies and bosses for faster clear times. For example, Slime Eye from Key Cavern is a rather easy nightmare.

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