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List of All Versus Jobs

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Versus Jobs are a set of unique jobs offered by Martin Madrazo in Grand Theft Auto: Online. Read on to learn more about Versus Missions, from the mechanics, number players allowed, rewards, and more!

All Versus Jobs (GTA: Online)

Mission Names
Crooked Cop Roadgame Welcoming Party Hippy Hunting
Top Fun Top Fun II Underhand Contraband Truck Off
G-Rating Cold I G-Rating Cold IV Air Force Zero I Air Force Zero II
Air Force Zero III Acquire Target I Acquire Target II Acquire Target III
Top Fun III G-Rating Cold II G-Rating Cold III G-Rating Cold V
Air Force Zero IV Air Force Zero V G-Rating Hot I G-Rating IV
Escape From LS Into the Wild Island Getaway G-Rating Hot II
G-Rating Hot III G-Rating Hot V Airport Parking Weed Killer

Rewards Earned in Versus Jobs

Reputation Points (RP)

Reputation Points are accumulated in order to rank up a player's level. The higher the rank of the player, the more perks like vehicles, weapons, and missions are available to the player. Reputation points awarded per job can vary depending on multiple factors like having more players participate in activities, or taking a longer time in doing jobs.


Time Spent Doing Jobs

Monetary rewards can also come in different amounts depending on the time spent doing a certain job. The more players spend time doing a job, the more money is rewarded.

How to Join Versus Missions

Visit on Freemode

Check out the map in order access Versus Missions while on foot. Make a waypoint and drive to your desired marker!

Select From the Pause Menu

Step 1
Pause the game and select the Online.
Step 2
After selecting it, choose Quick Job in order to see the jobs available.
Step 3 Select Versus Jobs and choose from one of the many different Versus jobs available.

Accept Job Invites

Other players can also invite you to do certain jobs. When invited, players will receive a text giving you the option of participating. Accept in order to join!

Versus Jobs Mechanics

Versus Mission How to Play
Crooked Cop Two teams compete to steal evidence from a cop on a police bike riding all over Los Santos. Both teams start off near a sedan and SUV. After a team picks up the evidence, they immediately recieve a 3 star wanted level. The first team that brings the evidence back to their designated drop off area, wins a point.
Roadgame Two opposing teams are tasked with securing a package. One team will be driving the Gauntlet and the other team will be driving the Phoenix. The team that collects the package first must deliver it, while the other team interfere.
Welcoming Party This missions tasks one team to defend and escort a VIP from Los Santos International Airport to their mansion in Vinewood Hills while another team tries to assassinate him.
Hippy Hunting In Hippy Hunting, two teams are tasked with picking up a weed package. Both teams are given different vehicles like muscle cars and bikes in order to get the package. The first team to collect the package must drop it off at a designated point while the opposing team tries to steal it
Top Fun A team of runners is given a specific vehicle in order to drive all the way ta certain point while the opposing team tries to kill them in fighter jets. The game ends when either all members of a team die, or at least one runner makes it to the designated point.
Underhand Contraband Three teams on opposite ends of the map are tasked with collecting an NPC-guarded Granger inside a Vinewood Hills Mansion.The team that collects the vehicle first must deliver it to the drop off point while under attack from other teams.
Truck Off Two teams are tasked with securing and deliver a truck to a specific point. Once the truck has been collected, the opposing team must attempt to destroy the truck.
G-Rating G-Rating is a series of flight missions where players compete to get the most flags in a single round. There are two types of G-Rating Missions, Hot missions where players can use the aircraft's weapons and Cold missions where players cannot use weapons.
Air Force Zero Players are divided into three teams. A team consisting of one player piloting a regular jet, and another team defending the it with Lazer fighter jets. The attacking team must destory the lone jet while fighting the defending team.
Acquire Targets Similar to G-Rating, 4 teams in aircrafts must collect a flags. In Acquire Targets, teams must collect and hold a flag. In order to score a point, a team must have the flag in their possession for at least 20 seconds. The first team to reach 5 points is the winner.
Escape From LS Two teams are separated into Hunters and Runners. The Runners have a choice of 3 hideouts to go into. All of the members of the team must be in the same hideout in order to score a point. Hunters only need to kill one of the Runners in order to win.
Into the Wild One team is given a choice dirtbikes, quadbikes, or muscle cars in order to escape the other team that's chasing them down with Buzzard helicopters. The runners must escape to their hideout in order to win.
Island Getaway Three teams compete to steal a briefcase and drop it off at their starting points. Each team is given their own unique vehicle to reach the island, Sanchez bikes, Seasharks, and Blazers.
Airport Parking Two teams are tasked with protecting or defending sports cars in Los Santos International Airport within the 10 minute round.
Weed Killer Two team of up to 4 players each must steal an NPC-protecteed van. Both teams will start on opposite sides. The first team to steal and return the van wins!

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