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List of Special Vehicle Work Missions

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Special Vehicle Work Missions are a type of Job in Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online). These have you drive unique vehicles which you can then purchase at a discounted rate after clearing! Read on to learn more about these missions.

All Special Vehicle Work Missions

Mission Names
Escape Escort Breakdown Recovery Cleanup Op Asset Seizure
Firewall Protection Coast Guard Duty End of Transmission Arms Embargo

Rewards Earned in Special Vehicle Work

Reputation Points (RP)

Reputation Points are accumulated in order to rank up a player's level. The higher the rank of the player, the more perks like vehicles, weapons, and missions are available to the player. More Reputation Points are awarded depending on the number of players, the time taken to finish the Job, and the difficulty. Clearing these Missions with your Crew or Friends also gives bonus RP.


Difficulty Multipliers

Setting a difficulty in Special Vehicle Work will dictate the maximum amount of reward money players will be given once successfully completing a Job.

Time Spent Doing Jobs

Monetary rewards can also come in different amounts depending on the time spent doing a certain Job. The more players spend time doing a Job, the more money is rewarded.

Number of Players

Having more players not only increases the chances of success but also rewards more money after finishing the Job.

Special Vehicle Work Discounts

Clearing Special Vehicle Work Missions also rewards players with discounts when purchasing the featured vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Mission Special Vehicle Discounted Price
Escape Escort Ramp Buggy $3,192,000
Breakdown Recovery Wastelander $658,350
Cleanup Op Blazer Aqua $1,755,600
Asset Seizure Phantom Wedge $2,553,600
Firewall Protection Rocket Voltic $3,830,400
Coast Guard Duty Technical Aqua $1,489,600
End of Transmission Armored Boxville $2,926,000
Arms Embargo Ruiner 2000 $5,745,600

How to Join Special Vehicle Work Missions

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Special Vehicle Work Missions can be accessed by CEOs from the SecuroServ computer in the Office after completing 4 Vehicle Cargo Missions. New Special Vehicle Work Missions are unlocked with every 4 successful Vehicle Cargo deliveries. Associates of the CEO will automatically join when invited.

Special Vehicle Work Mechanics

Special Vehicle Work Missions are unlocked at Rank 1 and must have 2 to 4 players present. Before the Mission begins, players are shown a lobby screen where they can adjust the difficulty and prepare equipment while waiting for more players to join.

During Special Vehicle Work, players must follow the on-screen instructions until the Mission is complete. To succeed, all special vehicles must be kept intact throughout the Mission while avoiding losing too many team lives.

All participants are rewarded money and RP depending on the difficulty, the time taken to finish the Mission, and the number of players. Bonus RP is awarded if you play with your Crew members. All players also get the discounted vehicle price, if they don't have it already.

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