Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

How to Switch Characters (Character Changes)

Grand Theft Auto V - How to Change Characters
Switching characters gives you access to character-specific Missions and contacts in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). Read on to learn how to change characters and what instances you can't switch between them.

How to Change Characters

Use Set Controls

Grand Theft Auto V - Use Set Keys.gif
Characters can be changed at anytime outside of Missions and cutscenes through the use of the set controls on a player's platform.

For console players, holding down the "down" button will give them access to the Character Wheel, where they can then select the character they wish to play as with the Right Stick. PC players will have to use the "Alt" Key and the directional buttons to change characters.

Only Available After Complications

Grand Theft Auto V - Climb the Truck

Switching characters only becomes available after completing the Mission Complications when Michael and Franklin meet each other for the first time. For all the Missions prior to this point, they are all only playable by Franklin.

The number of characters you can play as is again expanded once players are introduced to Trevor, the third major character that can be played as throughout the entirety of Story Mode.

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