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Beginner's Guide: All Tips and Tricks

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This is a guide on all Tips and Tricks for Grand Theft Auto V. Read on for everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto V, including how to get started, a full list of cheats, and the best ways to make money fast!

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Early Game Guide and Tips

Beginner's Guide to GTA V
1 Prologue
2 Switching Between Characters
3 Missions and Strangers and Freaks Side Missions
4 Save at Home
5 Get Guns from Ammu-Nation
6 Decrease Your Wanted Level
7 Get Familiar with Each Character's Special Skill
8 Make Money in the Early Game


The game starts in the middle of a bank heist where you take control of two of the main characters, Michael and Trevor. This acts as the tutorial to teach you essential game controls and mechanics.

Progress through the prologue to learn how to aim your gun, run, shoot, take cover behind objects, and swtich between characters. Make sure to pay attention to the controls in the top-left of the screen, as you won't make it far without these skills.

Switching Between Characters

During the bank heist, you will be prompted to switch between Michael and Trevor to get out of the hostage situation. This is going to come in handy throughout the game as you progress through missions.

You can switch between characters at any time by holding down on the control pad and selecting a character with the right joystick (for Xbox and PlayStation) or by holding the Alt key on PC and selecting a character.
How to Change Characters

Missions and Strangers and Freaks Side Missions

Main missions are indicated on the map by a green F, blue M, or orange T (for Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, respectively). You'll need to complete main missions with all characters in order to progress the main story. If there is currently no mission symbol on the map, try switching between characters and checking the map for their symbol.

Strangers and Freaks side missions are not necessary to progress the story, however, if you're hoping to get a 100% completion rate, completing some of them will be required in order to earn gold medals.

Save at Home

Home Icon Autosave

Each character has a domicile (indicated by the house icon on the map) where you can save the game and change your outfit as well. To save, head home and jump into bed.

There is also an autosave feature that can be toggled from the Settings menu. Turning autosave on will allow the game to save automatically after completing a mission.

Get Guns from Ammu-Nation

If you're looking to stock up on guns and other weapons, these can be purchased from any Ammu-Nation, indicated on the map with a handgun symbol. Note that when you first start the game, weapon availability will be low. As you progress the main story, Ammu-Nation will increase its stock of available guns and armor. You'll also receive an email when something new is in stock!

As you progress through the game, you will acquire many weapons for free. You can also find weapons scattered throghout Los Santos, so keep your eyes peeled.

Decrease Your Wanted Level

Wanted Level
Committing crimes will raise your wanted level, which will alert police to your location. With each wanted level (indicated by stars in the top-right corner), they'll bring more backup and heavier artillery.

If your plan is to escape in a vehicle, make sure your set of wheels is fast enough to keep the police off your tail. If you committed a crime in a car, it also makes sense to ditch that car for a different vehicle so the police won't know what to look for.

Depending on where you are in Los Santos, it can also be advantageous to make your getaway on foot. If you're in a neighborhood with lots of narrow sidestreets (especially where vehicles can't go), try hiding down one of these to decrease your wanted level.

Finally, changing outfits will also have the effect of decreasing your wanted level by one star. To change clothes, go to your wardrobe at home or find a clothes shop indicated

How to Decrease Your Wanted Level

Get Familiar with Each Character's Special Skill

In Grand Theft Auto V, each character has a set of skills in common and one special skill unique to that character. Skills can be improved by performing them well. In the case of special skills, improving them will increase how long their effects last.

  • Michael's special skill allows him to slow down time in shootouts. This can only be activated on foot.
  • Franklin's special skill allows him to slow down time while driving. He'll be able to take turns at full speed while his special skill is active. This can only be activated while driving a vehicle.
  • Trevor's special skill buffs his defense and strength, allowing him to take and give much more damage. This can only be activated on foot.

Make Money in the Early Game

Bawsaq Stock Market
Cash rules everything, and you'll be needing a lot of it to buy fancy cars, invest in properties, and pay for innumerable hospital visits. Here are some reliable ways to farm cash in the early game.

  1. Invest in the stock market via the browser on your phone. You can even affect stock prices through some missions and actions you take and get stock tips from listening to talk radio. And of course, buy cheap and sell high!
  2. Rob convenience stores, liquor stores, and supermarkets. Walk into the shop and point your gun at the store clerk for the register money. Some stores even have multiple registers, but you'll have to make your escape after committing a robbery.
  3. Rob armored trucks. Occassionally, you might drive by an armored truck. Once you've eliminated the drivers, you can shoot open the back door and take the cash inside.
  4. Complete heist missions. These story missions will net you a ton of cash. The first heist available is Casing the Jewel Store. Complete it and choose the Smart route for maximum profits!

How to Make Money

General Tips and Tricks

Grand Theft Auto V Tips and Tricks
List of All Cheats for PS4, PS5, and PC How to Decrease Your Wanted Level
How to Level Up Skills How to Make Money
Best Businesses to Buy How to Change Characters

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