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List of All Last Team Standing Maps

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Last Team Standing is a popular Job in Grand Theft Auto: Online. Read on to know all the Last Team Standing Maps, as well as its game mechanics, rewards, and how to play Last Team Standing!

All Last Team Standing Maps

Mission Names
Alta Banning Battle of Alamo Battle of Los Santos
Battle of Raton Battle of Senora Coastal Path Cypress Flats
Del Perro Freeway Del Perro Pier East Vinewood Encampment
Fridgit Factory Grand Banks Grand Senora Desert Grapessed Farm
Hawick Humane Labs Kortz Little Seoul
Mount Josiah N.O.O.S.E. Paleto Bay Paleto Bay - Tanks
Penitentiary Power Station Richman Mansion (Last Team Standing) Skyscraper (Last Team Standing)
Stab City Storm Drain Tataviam Truckstop The Land Act Dam
Townhall Vespucci Beach Vineyard (Last Team Standing) Vinewood Hills
Von Crastenburg

Rewards Earned in Last Team Standing Missions

Reputation Points (RP)

Reputation Points are accumulated in order to rank up a player's level. The higher the rank of the player, the more perks like vehicles, weapons, and missions are available to the player. Reputation points awarded per job can vary depending on multiple factors like having more players participate in activities, or taking a longer time in doing jobs.


Number of Players

To encourage competition, having more players increases the maximum amount of money awarded to the top players.

Time Spent Doing Jobs

Monetary rewards can also come in different amounts depending on the time spent doing a certain job. The more players spend time doing a job, the more money is rewarded.

How to Get Last Team Standing Missions

Use the Cellphone

Select the phone menu and choose quick job. From there, players can choose between different jobs. Select Last Team Standing.

Select From the Pause Menu

Step 1
Pause the game and select the Online.
Step 2
After selecting it, choose Quick Job in order to see the jobs available, including races.

Accept Job Invites

Other players can also invite you to do certain jobs. When invited, players will receive a text giving you the option of participating. Accept in order to join!

Last Team Standing Mechanics

Kill Everyone on the Opposing Team

GTA V - Cypress Flats LTS
Each round has two opposing teams fighting until the last man. Players killed in Last Team Standing do not respawn until the end of the round. Use your wits to stage a comeback or overwhlem your opponents with your numbers.

Best of 7 Rounds

GTA V - LTS Winner
The first team that survives 4 rounds is declared the winner! Despite not being able to respawn, the number of rounds makes sure no one is taken out of the action for long periods of time.

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