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List of All Contact Missions

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Contact Missions are Grand Theft Auto: Online's (GTA: Online) Story Missions. Learn everything about Contact Missions, from the list of all Contact Missions to how to join them, and more!

All Contact Missions (GTA: Online)

Lamar Contact Missions

Mission Names
Mall or Nothing Hold Up Ballas to the Wall Community Outreach
Slow and Low It's a G Thing Funeral Party Lowrider Envy
Point and Shoot Desperate Times Call For... Peace Offerings San Andreas Seoul
Ticket to Elysium Going Down the GOH Caught Napping Lost MC RIP
No Smoking Short Trip - Seed Capital Short Trip - Fire It Up Short Trip - OG Kush

Simeon Yetarian Contact Missions

Mission Names
Repo - Blow Up IV Repo - Burn Rate Repo - Do You Even Lift? Repo - GTA Today II
Repo - RV Nearly There? Repo - Sasquashed Repo - Simeonomics Repo - Under the Hammer
Where Credit's Due Rockford Roll Rich Men in RIchman Chasers
It Takes a Thief Gentry Does It All in the Game El Burro Heists
Blow Up GTA Today Chasers II Blow Up II
Blow Up III

Ron Jakowski Contact Missions

Mission Names
TP Industries Romance Isn't Dead Fueling the Flames Turbine Carbine
Daemon Run Base Invaders Crank Up the Volume Landing Gear
Wet Workers

Trevor Philips Contact Missions

Mission Names
TP Industries Lost My Mind Crystal Clear Out Chop Chop
Out of Harmony Satellite Communications Method in the Madness Chopper Tail
Diamons are for Trevor

Lester Contact Missions

Mission Names
Denial of Service Master Data Cops Capacity Crimer Scenster
Landing Strip A Titan of a Job Last Chopper Outta LS High Priority Case
Quarry Quarry By Land, Sea and Air Teaser Trailer Bust Out
Sinking Feeling The Parking Garage Hack and Dash On Maneuvers
Docks to Stock Stocks and Scares

Martin Madrazo Contact Missions

Mission Names
Dispatch I Dispatch II Dispatch III Dispatch IV
Dispatch V Dispatch VI On the List Artificial Scarcity
Handle with Care Time to Get Away Out of Court Settlement Death From Above
Check Out Time Water the Vineyard Grab Your Ballas Stick Up the Stickup Crew
The Los Santos Connection Effin' Lazers Editor and Thief Mixed Up With Coke
Dry Docking Cleaning the Cat House Extradition Holed Up - Burton
Show Me the Monet Judging the Jury Defender Rooftop Rumble
Trash Talk

Gerald Contact Missions

Mission Names
Learning the Ropes Alone Learing the Ropes Last Play - Bad Companies Last Play - Deal With It
Last Play - End Product Last Play - Fast Peddling Last Play - Go Figure Last Play - Make Ends Meat
Pier Pressure Death Metal Deal Breaker Flood in the LS River
Meth'd Up No Hay Bronca Hit 'Em Up Gassed Up
Violent Duct Hard Labor War and Pieces Chumash and Grab
Dish the Dirt

How to Get Contact Missions

Accept Phone Calls

GTA V - Contact Missions Through Phone.png
Key characters within the game will keep contacting you through your phone, hence the name of the job. Accept these in order to do a Contact Mission.

Go to Map Markers

GTA V - Contact Missions on the Map.png
Players will see many Missions available on the map. Many Contact Missions can be started by heading on over to character markers just like in single-player mode.

Contact Mission Mechanics

Story Missions

GTA V - Contact Missions Mall Or Nothing.png
Contact Missions are Grand Theft Auto: Online's equivalent to main missions. These jobs are offered by prominent characters in the game, both recurring and new. These missions can range from killing a target, racing, repossesing a vehicle, and all manner of tasks given to the players.
GTA V - Winner Image.png
Compared to other Jobs like Races or Deathmatches, most of these missions can be done alone, with the exception of a few.

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