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Survival Missions are a type of Job in Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online). Go solo or team up with up to three other players as you defend against 10 waves of enemies! Read on to learn more about the maps and rewards available.

All Survival Mission Maps

Regular Survivals

Mission Reputation Points (RP) Earned Maximum Money Earned
Boneyard 2850 30000
Del Perro Pier 2850 30000
Industrial Plant 2850 30000
Legion Square 2850 30000
Maze Bank 2850 30000
Processed 2850 30000
Railyard (Survival) 2850 30000
Sandy 2850 30000
Sawmill Plant 2850 30000

Survival Series

Mission Names
Farmhouse Forest Grove Street Meth Lab
Nuclear Silo Stab City Zancudo Project 4808A: Terminal
Project 4808B: Ranch Project 4808C: Grapeseed Project 4808D: Desert Project 4808E: Arena
Project 4808F: Pillbox Project 4808G: Zancudo Glass Heroes Kortz
Maibatsu Motors Quarry Scrapyard Underpass
Vespucci Canals

Rewards Earned in Survival Missions

Reputation Points (RP)

Reputation Points are accumulated in order to rank up a player's level. The higher the rank of the player, the more perks like vehicles, weapons, and missions are available to the player. Reputation points awarded per Job can vary depending on multiple factors like having more players participate in activities, or taking a longer time in doing Jobs.

For regular Survivals, all players are awarded 2,850 RP if they survive all 10 waves. The Survival Series has a more variable payout that depends on the time survived.


Regular Survival Missions have a fixed maximum payout of $30,000 for all players after surviving all 10 waves. The Survival Series, however, depends on the time survived. For the time it takes to survive 10 waves, all participants can expect to receive around $50,000.

How to Join Survival Missions

Regular Survivals

Survivals are unlocked at Rank 15, once the player has participated in the Industrial Plant Survival as a tutorial. The tutorial can only be accessed after Ron calls you about it. After completing the tutorial, blue shields may appear across the map, indicating that Survivals can be started there. More Survivals are unlocked as you rank up.

Survival Series

The Survival Series offers newer Survivals that can be accessed by going to the pink shield on the map. These only have a requirement of Rank 1 so even new players can try them out immediately.

Using the Online Menu

All Survivals can also be accessed from the Online Menu by selecting Jobs then either Quick Job or Play Job. Under Play Job, you can select Rockstar Created to see all the Survival Missions available.

Survival Mission Mechanics

All Survivals can be done with 1 to 4 players. Players have to defend their location against 10 waves of enemies that get increasingly difficult per wave. The mode ends once all waves of enemies are defeated or if all players are wiped out. If there were survivors at the end of a wave, dead players will respawn at the start of the next wave.

There are also invisible boundaries in this mode. Players will be notified that they're leaving should they go out of bounds. If they stay out for too long, they are disqualified for the rest of the wave.


For each wave, enemies will spawn at set time intervals at fixed locations. Players will be notified if there is a single enemy left so that they can loot the rest. An additional 20 second break is given between waves for preparation. Weapons, health packs, and armor also spawn at the start of each wave so take advantage of these!

The Survival Series maps allow for unlimited waves. However, going beyond the 10th wave will bring in stronger enemies in greater numbers and removes the health and armor spawns.

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