Garnet - Character Overview

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This is the page on the character Garnet from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on to find out more about her, her abilities, and equipment!

Basic Information

Name Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
Age 16
Weapon Type Rods, Rackets
Ability White Magic, Summon
Trance Eidolon

List of Garnet's Abilities

White Magic

Name Effect MP AP
Berserk Inflicts the Berserk status on one or more targets. 6 30
Blind One or more targets are afflicted by the Darkness status. 6 40
Confuse One or more targets are afflicted by the Confuse status. 8 35
Cura This ability recovers one or more party member's HP. 10 50
Curaga This ability recovers one or more party member's HP. 22 155
Cure This ability recovers one or more party member's HP. 6 30
Float This ability inflicts the Float status on one or more target. 6 20
Life Recover from KO. 8 30
Mini Makes single/multiple targets smaller. 8 40
Panacea Removes Venom and Poison. 4 15
Protect Reduces damage from physical attacks. 6 30
Reflect Reflects magic attacks back onto caster. 6 20
Scan Scan enemy to determine HP, MP, and weaknesses. 4 25
Shell Reduces damage from magic attacks. 6 35
Silence Causes Silence, which disables magic in single/multiple targets. 8 30
Stona Removes Petrify and Gradual Petrify. 8 25


Name Effect MP AP
Ramuh This ability inflicts Thunder damage on all opponents. 22 30
Shiva This ability inflicts Ice damage on all opponents. 24 20
Ifrit This ability inflicts Fire damage on all opponents. 26 35
Odin This ability KOs the opponent. 28 30
Atomos All opponents receive damage. 32 30
Leviathan This ability inflicts Water damage on all opponents. 42 40
Bahamut All opponents suffer non-elemental damage. 56 80
Ark Inflicts shadow damage on all opponents. 80 100


Name Effect Magic Stones AP
Ability Up Characters learn abilities faster. 3 60
Antibody Prevents Poison and Venom. 4 15
Auto-Float Automatically casts Float in battle. 6 20
Auto-Haste Automatically casts Haste in battle. 9 55
Auto-Life Automatically casts Life in battle. 12 105
Auto-Potion Automatically uses Potion when damaged. 3 20
Auto-Reflect Automatically casts Reflect in battle. 15 75
Auto-Regen Automatically casts Regen in battle. 10 35
Body Temp Prevents Freeze and Heat. 4 25
Boost Raises strength of eidolons. 12 190
Chemist Doubles the potency of medicinal items. 4 15
Clear Headed Prevents Confusion. 5 25
Concentrate Raises the strength of spells. 10 80
Half MP Cuts MP use by half in battle. 11 125
Healer Restores target's HP. 2 30
High Tide Allows you to Trance faster. 8 30
Insomniac Prevents Sleep. 5 25
Jelly Prevents Petrify and Gradual Petrify. 4 40
Level Up Characters level up faster. 7 50
Locomotion Prevents Stop. 4 30
Loudmouth Prevents Silence. 4 20
MP+20% Increases MP by 20%. 8 45
Odin's Sword Attacks with eidolon Odin. 5 50
Reflect-Null Nullifies Reflect and attacks. 7 45


Garnet's Summon command changes into Eidolon, increasing the chance of a higher damage attack and a chance for the Eidolon to reappear dealing weaker damage as long as Garnet remains in Trance.

List of Equippable Weapons


Rod Stardust Rod Mythril Rod
Healing Rod Asura's Rod Wizard Rod


Air Racket Multina Racket Magic Racket
Mythril Racket Priest's Racket Whale Whisker
Tiger Racket

List of Equippable Armor


Straw Hat Leather Hat Headgear
Feather Hat Steepled Hat Magus Hat
Bandana Mage's Hat Ritual Hat
Twist Headband Lamia's Tiara Mantra Band
Dark Hat Green Beret Red Hat
Black Hood Golden Hairpin Adaman Hat
Coronet Flash Hat Holy Mitre
Golden Skullcap Circlet


Pearl Armlet Jade Armlet Wrist
Leather Wrist Glass Armlet Bone Wrist
Magic Armlet Mythril Armlet Egoist's Armlet
Chimera Armlet N-Kai Armlet Dragon Wrist
Power Wrist Bracer

Light Armor

Leather Shirt Silk Shirt Bronze Vest
Mythril Vest Adaman Vest Magician Cloak
Survival Vest Judo Uniform Gaia Gear
Power Vest Demon's Vest Minerva's Plate
Dark Gear Rubber Suit Aloha T-shirt


Cotton Robe Silk Robe Magician Robe
Light Robe White Robe Robe of Lords


Ancient Aroma Angel Earrings Anklet
Barette Battle Boots Black Belt
Cachusha Coral Ring Desert Boots
Extension Fairy Earrings Feather Boots
Germinas Boots Glass Buckle Gold Choker
Madain's Ring Magician Shoes Maiden Prayer
Pearl Rouge Power Belt Promist Ring
Protect Ring Pumice Pumice Piece
Rebirth Ring Reflect Ring Ribbon
Rosetta Ring Running Shoes Sandals
Yellow Scarf

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