Best Blue Magic for Quina

This is a guide about the Best Blue Magic in Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). This page contains information about the most useful Blue Magic you can get for Quina.

Best Blue Magics

The Blue Magic listed on this page are not in any sort of order, as they are all helpful in their own way.

White Wind

FF9 White Wind
White Wind is an extremely situational healing magic that easily gets outclassed by other healing magic, however, it shines on disc 2 when your party lacks a White Mage, making Quina an asset for your team.

Limit Glove

FF9 Limit Glove
One of the most broken abilities in the game, Limit Glove deals maximum damage to its target if Quina's HP is 1. This might seem hard to execute, but partner it with Auto-Life and Quina can easily reach the 1 HP threshold required for Limit Glove. Particularly useful against the battles with Beatrix.

Level 5 Death

FF9 Quina
An extremely situational spell, LV5 Death allows you to breeze through the tough enemies in the Desert Palace, as all of the enemy's levels are multiples of 5, as well as farming Grand Dragons in Popos Heights.

Frog Drop

Arguably the most valuable Blue Magic for Quina. Frog Drop's damage scales with the number of frogs caught and Quina's level. 99 frogs are necessary to obtain Quina's strongest weapon and will also aid in increasing damage of Frog Drop. Obtaining a little more than that as well as raising Quina's level can make Frog Drop deal max damage everytime it's used.


FF9 Auto-Life
This ability alone makes Quina more valuable than many other characters avaialable. Auto-Life grants the Auto-Life status to your ally, something only Amarant do outside of equipping the Support ability.

Angel's Snack

FF9 Angel
What's more irritating than getting inflicted with a status ailment? Having it happen to your whole team! As Esuna is single target, Angel's Snack alone can remedy this situation by using a Remedy on each member of your party as long as you have some in your inventory.


FF9 Night
Night puts everyone, including your party members, to sleep. Equipping Insomniac to your whole party means Quina can put all enemies asleep every turn. If that's not busted then what is it?


FF9 Twister
Ever got hit by a Red Dragon's Twister? It hurts right? Well now you can give them a taste of their own medicine! (Just make sure they aren't resistant to Wind.)

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