List of Playable Characters

This is a list of the playable characters in the game Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). To learn more about each party member, including their abilities, armor and weapons, as well as trance effect, select a character from the list below.

List of Final Fantasy IX Characters

Zidane Tribal

A member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe and skilled thief, Zidane is the tailed protagonist of Final Fantasy IX. Despite his womanizing attitude, Zidane has a caring heart and will do whatever it takes to help his friends.
Zidane - Character Overview

Vivi Ornitier

Found and raised by an adoptive Grandfather, Vivi knows little of the outside world. A chance encounter with Zidane and co. sends him on a quest to learn more about the mysterious Black Mages and himself.
Vivi - Character Overview

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

The Princess of the Kingdom of Alexandria. After noticing strange things going on with her mother, Garnet seeks to escape Alexandria, running into Zidane along the way. Raised in a castle all her life, Garnet is a bit naive, but with her new friends' help she starts to learn the ways of the world.
Garnet - Character Overview

Adelbert Steiner

The uptight Captain of the Pluto Knights, Steiner is Garnet's bodyguard. Initially wary of Zidane, Steiner stops at nothing to bring his Princess home. Putting his trust in Garnet's wishes, he becomes a vital member of the party.
Steiner - Character Overview

Freya Crescent

An old friend of Zidane and dragon knight from the city of Burmecia, Freya is on a search for her lost lover who disappeared 5 years ago. Events spurred on by Queen Brahne push Freya to join Zidane's group as she continues on her quest.
Freya - Character Overview

Quina Quen

Quina is a member of the Gourmand species and loves to eat. Especially frogs. If Quina no can eat Quina do not care. Quina joins Zidane and friends to learn about yummy food all over the world.
Quina - Character Overview

Eiko Carol

Eiko is a young summoner from the summoner village of Madain Sari. This smart-mouthed little girl has lived alone with Moogles since the last of her family passed away. Meeting Zidane and the others bring her a newfound drive to see what life is like outside of her home.
Eiko - Character Overview

Amarant Coral

Formerly a bodyguard in Treno, Amarant has held a grudge on Zidane for years since he was framed for a crime he didn't commit. After hunting him down, he decides to join up with the party, ever confused by Zidane's actions.
Amarant - Character Overview

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