How to Beat Black Waltz 2

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This is a walkthrough for the boss fight Black Waltz 2 from the game Final Fantasy IX (FF9, FF IX). Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Black Waltz 2, including Black Waltz 2's stats and other useful information.

Black Waltz 2 Stats and Weaknesses


Black Waltz 2 ImageBlack Waltz 2
6 1030
Exp AP Gil
0 5 441
Fire Ice Thunder
100% 100% 100%
Water Wind Earth
100% 150% 0%
Holy Shadow Healing
100% 100% -100%
Fire, Blizzard, Thunder(all), Fire(all), Blizzard(all), Thunder

【Numeric Value】= Weakness Ratio,【x】Ineffective,【-】Absorbs

Other Information

Other Information
Locations Dali
Enemy Type Humanoid, Aerial, Heavy
Card Zaghnol
Eat This enemy cannot be eaten.

Items Dropped From Black Waltz 2


Item Dropped Drop Rate
Ether 100%


Item Stolen Steal Rate
Steepled Hat 100%
Leather Plate 25%

Black Waltz 2 Boss Battle Guide


FF9 Black Waltz 2
Black Waltz 2 is a magician that only uses his strongest moves as counters. His magic attacks are weak, and his only redeeming attack is a physical move.

Black Waltz, however, counters Vivi's magic, so be mindful about the moves that Vivi uses in this battle.


Black Waltz 2 uses weak magics and a strong damaging attack called Teleport. Black Waltz also counters Vivi's magics with a stronger version of that same magic.


ff9 black waltz 2 boss fight
Have Vivi focus on using items or using Focus. Keep your HP up with potions while having Zidane attempt to steal all of the items. Once the items are stolen, Use Steiner's Magic Swords and other member's physical attacks to end the fight.

Be careful about using Vivi's magics, as Black Waltz 2 will counter using a higher tier spell that targets your whole party. Only use Vivi's magics if everyone's health are near the max value.

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