Jump Rope Mini-Game Walkthrough

This is a Side Quest Walkthrough for the Jump Rope mini-game from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about this side-quest and its rewards.

Jump Rope Rewards

Side Quest Rewards
20 Jumps 10 Gil
50 Jumps Cactuar Card
100 Jumps Genji Card
200 Jumps Alexandria Card
300 Jumps Tiger Racket Card
1000 Jumps King of Jump Rope

Jump Rope Walkthrough

The Jump Rope mini-game becomes accessible early on in the game when playing as Vivi. You can talk to the three girls playing jump rope to give it a go as long as Vivi or Eiko are in your party.
FF9 Eiko
As you succesfully jump rope, the timing at which you need to press the jump button changes. From jumps 1 to 200 the speed will gradually increase, and from 200 to 300 there will be short pauses inbetween jumps. From 301 and on the speed increases again. Later on in the game after the attack on Alexandria, the girls have changed locations to under the Bell Tower.

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