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This article will guide you on how to clear Abyss Floor 103 for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information on how to clear these certain floors within this section.

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Abyss Floor 103 Guide

Recommended Type The Elite & Boss units in this floor are Earth Units. Bringing a strong AOE Fire Hero will help make this floor go easy.
Recommended Team Composition Units with strong AOE attacks are necessary in this level. Units with high Critical Chance ratings will be a big help too.
Tips for Clearing ・Bring Heroes with strong AOE Damage.
・Bring a Support Hero that can Debuff or strip Buffs off enemies.
Recommended Heroes
Arbiter Vildred Icon.pngArbiter Vildred Vildred Icon.pngVildred Specter Tenebria Icon.pngSpecter Tenebria
Dizzy Icon.pngDizzy Tenebria Icon.pngTenebria Falconer Kluri Icon.pngFalconer Kluri

Tips before Challenging

Mice keep respawning other mice
The goal is to get rid of all the mice at the same time. This means strong AOE attacks.
Non-Attack Skills grant Cidd 50% Evasion
Avoid using Non-Attack Skills in the meantime and focus on taking CIdd down first.
When Blaze Dingo uses his S3, he grants himself Invincibility and other buffs.
Immediately get rid of the buffs using Debuff Skills

Battle 1

Mighty GuardianMighty Guardian Mighty ScoutMighty Scout

The never ending mice.

The mice will keep spawning in other mice, so attacks that don't hit multiple targets will keep bringing in more mice.

Focus the boss mouse (the one on the top back row without an HP bar) as its healthier than the others as well as needing to kill all enemines at once.

Critical Hits will also prevent mice from reviving each other.

Battle 2

Cidd Icon.pngCidd (Boss) Blaze Dingo Icon.pngBlaze Dingo (Boss)

Focus on taking Cidd down first (Cidd can also be Critical Hit) and it'll make the fight a lot easier.

Non-attack skills will grant Cidd a 50% evasion debuff so avoid that.

Use souls whenever available as Dingo will remove souls while making sure none of the enemy units have any buffs on them.

Once Blaze Dingo uses his S3 (Cidd should be dead by then) he'll transform into Dingo and grant himself invincibility as well as some extra buffs. Strip those buffs and focus on taking him down.

Recommended Team Build

Character Set
Arbiter Vildred Icon.pngArbiter Vildred Speed & Crit Rate Set
Vildred Icon.pngVildred Destruction & Crit Rate Set
Specter Tenebria Icon.pngSpecter Tenebria Destruction & Crit Rate Set
Falconer Kluri Icon.pngFalconer Kluri Speed & Crit Rate Set

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