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Pokemon Who Can Learn Fly (TM06)

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This is an article for the move Fly and the Pokemon who can learn it and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Read on to see the Power, Accuracy, PP, and Effect, and see how to use it competitively.

Fly - Effect

Type Pokemon Flying Image
Category Pokemon Physical Image
Power 90
Accuracy 95
PP 15
Effect The user flies for on the first turn, then strikes the target on the next.
Max Move Max Airstream
Power: 130

Pokemon That Learn Fly

By Default


By Level Up

RayquazaRayquaza FletchlingFletchling FletchinderFletchinder
TalonflameTalonflame VikavoltVikavolt DrampaDrampa

By TM / TR

CharizardCharizard ZubatZubat GolbatGolbat
FarfetchFarfetch'd AerodactylAerodactyl ArticunoArticuno
Galarian ArticunoGalarian Articuno ZapdosZapdos Galarian ZapdosGalarian Zapdos
MoltresMoltres Galarian MoltresGalarian Moltres DragoniteDragonite
MewMew HoothootHoothoot NoctowlNoctowl
CrobatCrobat TogeticTogetic XatuXatu
DelibirdDelibird SkarmorySkarmory LugiaLugia
Ho-ohHo-oh WingullWingull PelipperPelipper
VibravaVibrava FlygonFlygon SwabluSwablu
AltariaAltaria SalamenceSalamence LatiasLatias
LatiosLatios RayquazaRayquaza DrifblimDrifblim
TogekissTogekiss GiratinaGiratina Giratina (Origin Forme)Giratina (Origin Forme)
PidovePidove TranquillTranquill UnfezantUnfezant
WoobatWoobat SwoobatSwoobat SigilyphSigilyph
ArcheopsArcheops GolurkGolurk RuffletRufflet
BraviaryBraviary VullabyVullaby MandibuzzMandibuzz
HydreigonHydreigon VolcaronaVolcarona TornadusTornadus
Tornadus (Therian Forme)Tornadus (Therian Forme) ThundurusThundurus Thundurus (Therian Forme)Thundurus (Therian Forme)
ReshiramReshiram ZekromZekrom LandorusLandorus
Landorus (Therian Forme)Landorus (Therian Forme) KyuremKyurem GenesectGenesect
FletchlingFletchling FletchinderFletchinder TalonflameTalonflame
HawluchaHawlucha NoibatNoibat NoivernNoivern
YveltalYveltal VikavoltVikavolt DrampaDrampa
Tapu KokoTapu Koko LunalaLunala CelesteelaCelesteela
NaganadelNaganadel RookideeRookidee CorvisquireCorvisquire
CorviknightCorviknight FlappleFlapple CramorantCramorant
DragapultDragapult EternatusEternatus

By Egg Move

There are no Pokemon who learn this move by this method.

By Move Tutor

There are no Pokemon who learn this move by this method.

Fly Competitive Analysis

Fly is a good two-turn move that deals a lot of damage due to its high base 90 power. The user is in a semi-invulnerable turn after use, meaning you can dodge potential lethal damage.

Note however that there are still several moves that hit fly including Gust, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Whirlwind, Thousand Arrows, Smack Down, Sky Uppercut, and Twister. Additionally, Gust and Thunder both deal double damage.

Fly Locations

Received in Wyndon City

Fly can be found on Wyndon City as a present from one of the residents.

Wyndon Map and Obtainable Pokemon

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