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Special Hero Summon (Year 3)

This is a page about the free 5 star summon titled Special Hero Summon (Year 3) from Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you want to know the best units to pull from this banner, including a tier list of all Year 3 Special Heroes, please read on.

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The Best Summons to Pull From and Release Dates

Special Hero Summon (Year 3) List of Heroes

Special Hero Summon (Year 3)

Fjorm - Bride of Rime Icon Bridal Fjorm
Sigrun - Steadfast Bride Icon Bridal Sigrun
Dozla - Harvest Attendant Icon Dozla
Hector - Dressed-Up Duo Icon Halloween Hector
LHalloween L'Arachel
Elise - Bubbling Flower Icon Hostile Springs Elise
Hinoka - Relaxed Warrior Icon Hostile Springs Hinoka
Ryoma - Samurai at Ease Icon Hostile Springs Ryoma
Sakura - Hot-Spring Healer Icon Hostile Springs Sakura
Ilyana - Treat Harvester Icon Ilyana
Alfonse - Askran Duo Icon New Year Alfonse
Anna - Wealth-Wisher Icon New Year Anna
Lethe - New YearNew Year Lethe
Selkie - New YearNew Year Selkie
Pent - Fancy Fiancé Icon Pent
Felicia - Off the Menu Icon Picnic Felicia
Flora - Signature Dish Icon Picnic Flora
Genny - Dressed with Care Icon Picnic Genny
Lukas - Buffet for One Icon Picnic Lukas
Berkut - Debonair Noble Icon Soiree Berkut
Ishtar - ThunderSoiree Ishtar
Nephenee - Sincere Dancer Icon Soiree Nephenee
Reinhardt - LightningSoiree Reinhardt
Bruno - Masked Hare Icon Spring Bruno
Marisa - Crimson Rabbit Icon Spring Marisa
Palla - Eldest Bun-Bun Icon Spring Palla
Veronica - Spring Princess Icon Spring Veronica
Gunnthrá - Beaming Smile Icon Summer Gunnthrá
Helbindi - Seaside Scourge Icon Summer Helbindi
Laegjarn - Burning Sun Icon Summer Laegjarn
Laevatein - BonfireSummer Laevatein
Lilina - Beachside Bloom Icon Summer Lilina
Lyn - Lady of the Beach Icon Summer Lyn
Ursula - Clear-Blue Crow Icon Summer Ursula
Ursula - Clear-Blue Crow Icon Summer Ursula
Greil - Heroic Exemplar Icon Valentine's Greil
Ike - Stalwart Heart Icon Valentine's Ike
Mist - Purest Spirit Icon Valentine's Mist
Soren - Addled Strategist Icon Valentine's Soren
Marth - Royal Altean Duo Icon Winter Marth
Nino - Flower of Frost Icon Winter Nino
Sothis - Silver Specter Icon Winter Sothis
Zephiel - WinterWinter Zephiel
Wolt - Sunbeam Archer Icon Wolt
Dates of Availability 02/02/2020 ~ 03/02/2020

Note: The ranking showed here is the Reroll Rating. The units' overall rating, including Inherit Skill, may differ.

The Best Units From Special Hero Summon (Year 3)

Free 5 Star.jpg

Pull for a Red Unit!

In Special Hero Summon (Year 3), there are many excellent red heroes to pull from, such as Halloween Hector, Valentine's Ike, Picnic Flora, Soiree Ishtar, and New Year Anna. In particular, Halloween Hector has an amazing duo skill which will cast 20 units of fixed damage to enemies within 3 columns centered on him, which can be huge for taking out the enemy team. Since there are many other useful red units you could end up with as well, this is most likely the safest bet.

Otherwise, pull for Green!

The best unit you could possibly draw from this event is Winter Sothis, so if you are feeling lucky, or you do not need a red unit, pull for green! While the red pool probably has better units overall, there are still a couple green units worth mentioning, such as Picnic Felicia and New Year Lethe. While each pool has some good units to choose from, keep in mind that your free 5 star unit is not guaranteed to be the one you want, so you should look through the units first and see which color has the most units you would be okay with adding to your barracks.

SS Tier!

Name Summary
Sothis - Silver SpecterWinter Sothis Green Breath / Armored
・Exclusive weapon nullifies damage bonuses from attacks effective on dragons
・Very powerful exclusive Special Skill
・Can counterattack foes at any range
Alfonse - Askran DuoNew Year Alfonse Blue Tome / Infantry
・A Duo Hero with a Duo Skill
・All stats raise when special is ready to trigger
・Can counterattack foes at any range
Hector - Dressed-Up DuoHalloween Hector Sword / Armored
・Very useful duo skill
・Can gain buffs on all stats
・Guaranteed follow-up attacks on odd turns
Marth - Royal Altean DuoWinter Marth Colorless Bow / Armored
・A Duo Hero with a unique skill
・Gains +3 to all stats when a bonus is active
・Nullifies skills that prevent follow-up attacks

S Tier!

Name Summary
Ike - Stalwart HeartValentine's Ike Sword / Armored
・Can counterattack at any range
・Has the 4-count special Aether
・Can increase a foe's special cooldown count while lowering his own
Nino - Flower of FrostWinter Nino Blue Tome / Armored
・Buffed when nearby her allies
・Gains a guaranteed follow-up attack when initiating combat
・Gains +1 to her movement
Flora - Signature DishPicnic Flora Red Dagger / Armored
・Weapon is effective against beasts
・Stats increase in Aether Raids
・Can increase the movement of armored allies
Felicia - Off the MenuPicnic Felicia Axe / Armored
・Weapon is effective against beasts
・Can reduce her special cooldown count
・Can increase the foe's special cooldown count
Fjorm - Bride of RimeBridal Fjorm Staff / Flying
・One of the few flying staff users
・Nullifies enemy assist skills
・Skill can prevent a foe from counterattacking
Ishtar - ThunderSoiree Ishtar Red Tome / Flying
・Possesses a refresher skill
・Can attack twice when initiating combat
・Gains a buff when initiating combat
Selkie - New YearNew Year Selkie Colorless Beast / Cavalry
・Weapon becomes stronger when foe's Res stat is lower than her's
・Can counterattack magic attacks at any range
・Inflicts a penalty on nearby foes
Lethe - New YearNew Year Lethe Green Beast / Cavalry
・Weapon becomes more powerful when foe's Spd is lower than her's
・Gains a boost to her stats when not adjacent to another ally
・Cast a penalty on foe's Def and Spd during combat
Anna - Wealth-WisherNew Year Anna Red Bow / Infantry
・Inflicts a penalty on foes with a lower Res than her
・Casts a penalty on nearby foes
・Grants a bonus to allies with high Atk/Spd

A Tier

Name Summary
Ilyana - Treat HarvesterIlyana Blue Tome / Armored
・Weapons grants +3 to all stats
・Very powerful as a magic tank
・Gains a guaranteed followup attack when initiating combat
Lyn - Lady of the BeachSummer Lyn Blue Bow / Flying
・Exclusive weapon is effective on armored and flying units
・All stats increase when initiating combat
・Can prevent an enemy counterattack
Laegjarn - Burning SunSummer Laegjarn Blue Tome / Flying
・Exclusive weapon allows her to attack in succession
・Gains a massive Atk/Spd buff when initiating combat
・Can buff the stats of flying allies
Reinhardt - LightningSoiree Reinhardt Green Tome / Flying
・Possesses a refresher skill
・Exclusive weapon allows him to attack twice in a row
・Can buff his allies' Atk

B Tier

Name Summary
Dozla - Harvest AttendantDozla Colorless Dagger / Armored
・Weapons grants +3 to all stats
・Very useful in Aether Raids
・Gives added mobility to other armored allies
Greil - Heroic ExemplarValentine's Greil Axe / Armored
・Has the highest level of Fury
・Prevents foe and himself from making a follow-up attack
・Can increase the movement of adjacent armored allies.
Hinoka - Relaxed WarriorHostile Springs Hinoka Green Dagger / Flying
・Neutralizes skills that are effective against dragons
・Very useful movement assist
・Can stack multiple buffs to her Atk/Spd
Lukas - Buffet for OnePicnic Lukas Lance / Armored
・Stats increase when foe initiates combat
・Stats increase during Aether Raids
・He and the foe are prevented from making a follow-up attack
Palla - Eldest Bun-BunSpring Palla Red Dagger / Flying
・Weapon skill is extremely effective on Surtr, etc.
・Can eliminate traps in Aether Raids
・Grants a powerful buff to other flying allies
Veronica - Spring PrincessSpring Veronica Green Tome / Flying
・All stats raise when her HP is high enough
・Can raise a team's arena score
・Inflicts a Res penalty on the foe with the highest Res stat
Lilina - Beachside BloomSummer Lilina Red Dagger / Cavalry
・Atk increases with enemy penalties
・Has a powerful rally skill
・Gains buffs in Atk and Res
Wolt - Sunbeam ArcherWolt Green Bow / Cavalry
・Gains a buff with enemy penalties
・Gains a large buff when HP drops below 80%
・Casts a penalty on the foe with the highest Spd
Laevatein - BonfireSummer Laevatein Green Tome / Flying
・Gains a buff during combat
・Gains a massive buff when initiating combat
・Gains a buff on odd numbered turns
Nephenee - Sincere DancerSoiree Nephenee Colorless Bow / Infantry
・Possesses a refresher skill
・Can buff her allies; Spd
・Gains a buff from using Dance

Who are you pulling for?

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