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Face Shrine LocationEnlarge

This is a walkthrough for the 6th dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Use this guide to learn how to reach this dungeon, solve the dungeon's puzzles, and defeat the bosses to complete this dungeon.

Getting to Face Shrine

Getting to Face Shrine Objectives

No. Objective
1 (Optional) Complete the Trading Sequence to obtain the Boomerang.
2 Return to Mabe Village and purchase the Bow and Arrow set for 980 rupees if you have not.
3 Warp to Animal Village and go northeast until you reach the Ancient Ruins.
4 Go through the maze until you reach Southern Face Shrine.
5 Enter the shrine and defeat Armos Knight to obtain the Face Key.
6 Go through the field north of the Ancient Ruins and swim to the island with two Armos.
7 Defeat the left Armos and travel through the cave that appears under him.
8 Use the Face Key to reveal the Face Shrine.

The Trading Sequence

Trade Sequence
Now that you have obtained the Hookshot, it is possible to do the entire Trading Sequence Quest. While it is optional, completing this quest will give you the Boomerang, which (unlike other games in the series) is a very powerful offensive weapon. If you are interested in completing this quest, see the walkthrough on the Trading Sequence below.

Trading Sequence Guide

Secret Seashell #47

Secret SeashellEnlarge

If you completed the Trading Sequence, you will now be the owner of the Magnifying Glass and Boomerang. A few places have objects (NPCs or Enemies) that can only be seen with the Magnifying Glass. One is Secret Seashell #47, which is found by going into the 4th house in Animal Village and speaking with the (now visible) zora.

The Bow and Arrow

Bow and ArrowEnlarge

If you did not already purchase it, make sure you have the Bow and Arrow set already, as it will be required for the next section (technically not really required, but it will be much easier to do the section if you do have them). It can be purchased in the Mabe Village Shop for 980 Rupees.

Ancient Ruins

Ancient RuinsEnlarge

Warp to Animal Village, and head northwest from the entrance. You will eventually reach a field with several rocks (they look like tires on the map). Pick up the moveable boulders and head east, then south to reach the Ancient Ruins.

The Raft Shop


Along the way to the Ancient Ruins, you can move some of the boulders out of the way and head north in this field. Getting to the stairs that lead into the water and then swimming right will lead to a cave. Walk through this cave, and when you get to the other side, you will find a wooden house. Talking to the man inside allows you to play the Rapids Ride Mini-Game. There are many collectibles in this mini-game, such as Heart Pieces, Secret Seashells, and Rupees. If you would like to see how to obtain all of them, see the link below.
Rapids Ride Guide

Exploring the Ruins

Ancient Ruins 1Enlarge Secret Seashell 24Enlarge

Ancient Ruins is crawling with a type of enemy called an Armos. These are foes that appear to be statues, but vibrate and then light up before moving when approached. They can be taken out with arrows, as well as the boomerang. Going to the very center of the ruins and waking up the bottom right Armos reveals a hidden staircase. Going down it will lead to a treasure chest containing Secret Seashell #24.

Southern Face Shrine

Southern Face ShrineEnlarge

Continue through the Ancient Ruins to the far lefr side, shooting down and Armos blocking your path (you will need to wake them up before you can hurt them). Eventually, you will reach a large set of stairs in front of a large shrine (Southern Face Shrine). Enter the shrine, and go past the first room.

Mini-Boss: Armos Knight

Armos KnightEnlarge

In the next room, you will encounter a mini-boss known as the Armos Knight. He will try and approach you, as well as jump up in the air. When he lands, you will be stunned if you are standing, so use Roc's Feather to jump before he comes down. He can be rather difficult to attack, as he is impervious to most things thanks to his shield. Hold B to charge a Spin Attack and jump before he lands, then unleash the spin attack to strike his back while he is facing away.

Armos Knight MaskEnlarge Face KeyEnlarge

Do this a couple times and his shield will break. Now at this point, there are two things that will damage him: Arrows and Spin Attacks. Choose one (arrows are a bit safer), and repeatedly attack until his faceplate breaks. Continue attacking, and he will explode, leaving behind the Face Key. Pick it up, and continue forward.
Lighting TorchesEnlarge

Light the torches here, and go up the stairs. Read the picture here to reveal some very unsettling truths about Koholint Island...


Wind FishEnlarge


Or so it says...

Finding Face Shrine

Finding Face ShrineEnlarge

Leave the Southern Face Shrine and speak with the owl, then head back to the field with all the boulders. Work your way around the maze, lifting boulders in your way, until you reach some stairs pointed south leading into the water. Go down them, and swim to the nearby island with two Armos. Defeat the armos on the left to reveal a hideen staircase.

HookshotEnlarge Face Key LockEnlarge

Go down the stairs and swim to the other side. Use your hookshot to cross over the large gap and go up the stairs. Go right, and use the Face Key to reveal the Face Shrine. Go back toward the cave, climb up the stairs, and enter the shrine.

Face Shrine Dungeon Walkthrough

Face Shrine Map and Items

Face Shrine MapEnlarge

Location on Map Item
A Powerful Bracelet
B 50 Rupees
C 100 Rupees
D Map
E Stone Beak
F Compass
G Small Key #1
H 100 Rupees
I Secret Medecine
J Small Key #2
K Small Key #3
L 300 Rupees
M Nightmare Key

Face Shrine Objectives

No. Objective
1 Go through the left passage. Continue up and left until you reach the room with the Mask Mimic. Bomb the switch and go through the top right doorway while the orange tiles are raised.
2 Blow up the cracked wall and go into the next room. Defeat the Zol here and go down the staircase. Go through the underground passage.
3 Emerge and defeat the enemies, then go north. Open the chest to get the Powerful Bracelet.
4 Return to the room with the Mask Mimic and go through the top left doorway with the orange tiles raised.
5 Lift the pot in this room to hit a switch and go into the next room. Defeat the Wizzrobes here and get the Map.
6 Go north, then east, and open the treasure chest to obtain the Stone Beak.
7 Go to the previous room and throw a pot at the northern doorway. Go into the next room, then through the door on the right side. Open the treasure chest for the Compass.
8 Go up the stairs and hit the switch to turn it blue. Continue along the path and reach the room at the end. Defeat the Wizzrobes and pick up Small Key #1.
9 Turn the color switch orange, and warp back to the dungeon entrance. Head east.
10 Reach the room with the flying tiles and shield them to proceed. Throw a statue at the right side doorway, then enter it.
11 Defeat the four wizzrobes and go north. Go down the stairs and along the path until you reach the chest containing Small Key #2.
12 Return to the room where you threw the statue and go through the locked door. Bomb the cracked wall and continue forward.
13 Defeat Smasher, and continue forward. Lift the left statue, and go through the underground passage.
14 Emerge and block all of the flying tiles to obtain Small Key #3.
15 Continue north and then west until you reach the stairs. Go through the passage and head south to defeat the Dodongo snakes.
16 Continue forward and hookshot across the gap. Continue forward and throw a pot at the chest to obtain the Nightmare Key.
17 Return to where you got Small Key #3 and go south. Defeat the 4 Zol and go right.
18 Jump across the gap and defeat the Wizzrobe. Push a block to go north two rooms and reach the Nightmare Lair.
19 Defeat Facade and obtain the Coral Triangle.

Powerful Bracelet


This dungeon is rather non-linear. We will start by going to to the left from the entrance. In this room, you will encounter a type of enemy known as a Wizzrobe. These foes will dissappear and reappear spontaneously, shooting magic at you from a distance. Your sword has no effect on them, so use arrows to shoot them when they appear, or use your hookshot / boomerang to stun them and follow up with a bomb. Defeating them all will open the top right door, but you can just skip them for now.

Face Shrine 1Enlarge Giant BubbleEnlarge

From where the Wizzrobes were, go through the left room and defeat the Mini-Moldorm. If you have the boomerang, you can defeat the Spark to obtain a fairy. Defeat them or continue on, and go left through the next room. Defeat the Mask Mimic (Shy Guy) in the next room by facing away from him an spin-attacking his back. The place a bomb on the switch and run to the top right exit and stand on the orange tile. Continue up after it raises, and use a bomb to blow up the cracked wall on the right side, and enter the opening that is revealed.

Powerful BraceletEnlarge Statue LiftEnlarge

Walk around the room here and defeat all of the Zol that appear (you can light the torches if you would like, but there is nothing to gain from it). After you dispose of them, a staircase is revealed. In the platforming area, there are several Giant Bubbles, but your weapons will not affect them, so avoid their movement and continue thorugh the passage. Emerge from the stairs and you are faced with a Mini-Moldorm and two Wizzrobes. Defeat them all (the boomerang will make this battle quick and painless) to open the northern door. Go through it and open the treasure chest up the stairs to obtain the Powerful Bracelet.

(Optional) 150 Rupees

100 RupeesEnlarge

With this upgraded Power Bracelet, you can now move the many Elephant Statues scattered throughout the dungeon. Get the fairy from the pot in this room if needed, and lift the statues in the room to go through the revolving door. You will now be back in the room where you saw the Mask Mimic. Head back to where you first encountered three Wizzrobes. Defeat them to open the right door (if you did not already do so) and go through it. Open the chest containing 50 rupees, and move the statue to go through the next room. Open this the chest here and obtain 100 rupees, and make your way back to the room with the Mask Mimic.


Flip SwitchEnlarge MapEnlarge

Now that you are back in the room with the Mask Mimic, hit the switch so that the orange tiles are raised (using a bomb or boomerang), and go through the top left door. Lift the top left pot in this room to reveal a switch. Step on it to open the left door, and go through it. Defeat the three Wizzrobes in this room to reveal a treasure chest. Open it up to obtain the map, before continuing into the northern room.

Stone Beak and Compass

Stone BeakEnlarge CompassEnlarge

Immediately go right in this room. Walk into the next room and open the chest containing the Stone Beak, then go back to the previous room. Pick up one of the jars and throw it at the doorway, then proceed to the next room. Walk into the room on the right side and slay the Star. Open the chest to obtain the Compass. Then go up the stairs and hit the switch to raise the blue tiles.

Small Key #1

Blue SwitchEnlarge Small Key 1Enlarge

After turning the switch blue, continue along the path, going to south after the bombs, east in the next two rooms, then north into the next one. Watch out for the Bubble (which can be defeated with the boomerang), and take out both Wizzrobes to obtain Small Key #1.

(Optional) 100 Rupees and Secret Seashell #25

Silver RupeeEnlarge Secret Seashell 25Enlarge

Head back to where you picked up the compass, and go the room before it. Lift up one of the elephant statues and throw it at the northern doorway to create an opening. In this room, go up the stairs and open the chest containing 100 Rupees. Walk outside through the staircase here and open the chest outside to obtain Secret Seashell #25, and go back inside the shrine.

Chess PieceEnlarge Chess PieceEnlarge

To open back the door you came from, you need to pick up the chess pieces and throw them into the green spaces. They will bounce one tile in both directions when thrown, so you will need to stand four tiles away from the wall, closer to the door when throwing them (see the images above).
Owl StatueEnlarge

There is an owl statue that can visited. It can be reached by heading back to where you obtained the map, then tossing a bomb over the tiles and going to the right door so that the blue tiles are raised before going through. From there, you can climb the stairs and continue east, until reaching the owl statue. It will tell you to enter the space where the eyes have walls. Head back to the Masked Mimic room and hit the switch to raise the orange tiles.

East Face Shrine

Moving TilesEnlarge Elephant StatueEnlarge

Now we can return to the beginning of the shrine by playing Manbo's Mambo, but first make sure to raise the orange tiles if you have not. From the dungeon entrance, go right and navigate around the conveyor belts to avoid the Blade Traps (you can use the elephant statues as a shield). Continue into the next room. The floor tiles will begin to rise and fly at you, so hold your shield to block them all until the barrage ends (easily achieved by shielding in the corner). When the door opens, continue into the next room. Pick up the statue in this room and throw it into the right doorway, then go through it.

Small Key #2

Blue Tile DownEnlarge Secret MedecineEnlarge

In this room, you will encounter four Wizzrobes. Defeat them all to open the doors, and go down through the southern one. Defeat the stars in this room, then go up the stairs on the bottom left side. Jump down onto the orange tile, then go up one tile and jump across the blue one to the next orange tile. Go up the stairs and avoid the blade trap while continuing forward to the northern room. Open the chest containing the Secret Medicine (you will return it if you have already had some applied by Tracy) and hop back down.
Small Key 2Enlarge

Go north from the Wizzrobe room, and you will encounter a Star, Spark, and some Water Tektites. Continue down the stairs and go all the way forward until you reach the treasure chest at the end of the path. Open it up to obtain Small Key #2.

Mini-Boss: Smasher

SmasherEnlarge Miniboss SmasherEnlarge

Go back to the room west of the one with the four Wizzrobes, and go through the locked door. Bomb the cracked wall in this room (you can find some bombs in the pots if needed), and continue forward. Here you will encounter this dungeon's Mini-Boss: Smasher. He will carry around a large metal ball and hop in your direction while trying to throw it at you. After throwing it, he will pick it up, and repeat. Dodge the ball, then pick it up, and when you do this, he will try and run away. Throw it at him, then repeat this process a total of four times until he is defeated. He throws the ball after a few second of holding it, so the trick here is to put some distance between you and him so that his ball is easier to dodge. Pick up the fairy, and continue forward.

Small Key #3

Hidden StaircaseEnlarge Underground PassageEnlarge

In the next room, you will see a doorway and two statues. The doorway takes you back to before the room where you fought Smasher, so pick up the left statue and go down the staircase that is revealed here. Navigate over the platforms in this room and avoid the Sparks until you reach the other side. When you reach the section with four ladders, you will need to jump from ladder to ladder, pressing Up as soon as you are in front of a ladder to grab it. Do this until you get to the last ladder and emerge on the other side.
Small Key 3Enlarge

In this room you will once again encounter a room with flying floor tiles, so go to the corner and hold shield until they all break. Small Key #3 will appear in the orange space toward the left side of the room. Hop over and pick it up. Open the locked block at the top right of the room, and continue north.

Nightmare Key

Lift Elephant StatueEnlarge Black Chess PieceEnlarge

Lift the statue in this room and throw it at the left door. In the next room, there will be two more chess pieces. Like before, you need to throw them onto the green spaces (which are under the pots). From where you throw them, they will always go three spaces forward, and one space in the other direction, so stand under one green space and throw the pieces in the direction of the other one to have them land in the spaces. Once the doors open, continue west. Go down the staircase in the next room.

300 RupeesEnlarge

Dash through the passage to avoid the Thwomps, then climb the ladder. You will encounter three Pols Voice in the next room, which can be defeated arrows, or by stunning them and throwing them at eachother. However, you can also play 'Ballad of the Wind Fish' to one-shot them all. Go through the north door. Work your way through this next room, and continue north. You will find more chess pieces in the next room, so once again, throw them into the green spaces (the black one can be thrown from in front of the treasure chest to land in the space). Open the treasure chest for 300 Rupees, then head back two rooms.

Dodongo SnakesEnlarge Nightmare keyEnlarge

Going south from the room where you fought the Pols Voice, you will encounter two Dodongo Snakes. Just like you did before, place a bomb on a space right before they move to it to force feed it to them. Do this three times each to defeat them, then go through the left door. Use your hookshot to cross the gap here and get to the other side, then unlock the block and continue forward. Lift a pot and you will see a treasure chest. However, it cannot be opened normally, so throw a pot at it to open it and obtain the Nightmare Key.

Getting to the Nightmare Lair

Vacuum MouthEnlarge

After getting the Nightmare Key, warp back to the dungeon entrance, then go through the warp point here to return to where you fought Smasher. Head north and go through the underground passage once more, and head through the southern door. In here, a Vacuum Mouth will try and pull you in to the center of the room. While you can jump over the gap and hit it with your sword to get rid of it, you are better off just walking around the room letting it pull the four Zol into the abyss. Once it has pulled them all in, the doors will open, so continue through the right.

Hop across the gap and take out the Wizzrobe. Watch out for the Beamos's lasers (it cannot be defeated, so hop over them with Roc's Feather), and push either of the blocks here out of the way. Go into the next room and head straight through to the Nightmare Lair (the sparks can be defeated with the Boomerang for Fairies, and lighting the torches will also give you one).

Face Shrine Nightmare: Facade

FacadeEnlarge Facade HolesEnlarge

Facade is a large face in the floor. When the battle begins, he will start throwing floor tiles at you, but just like before, you can simply shield them. Shield until all of the tiles are gone, then he will begin throwing pots at you. Shield them as well. Once he has run out of things to throw, he will begin opening holes in the floor. Walk around the room and keep Roc's Feather equipped so you can jump over them if needed.

Facade BombEnlarge Facade StrategyEnlarge

The trick to beating Facade is by dropping bombs on the floor so that they explode onto his face. Be sure not to walk directly into his face, as it can damage you too. As you continue to damage him, he will open up more and more holes in the ground, creating more obstacles to look out for, although the strategy remains the same. After about eight bombs or so, Facade will explode.

Heart ContainerEnlarge Coral TriangleEnlarge

Pick up the Heart Container left behind. Then continue on into the next room and grab the Coral Triangle to complete the dungeon.

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