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This is a guide to the Rapids Ride Mini-Game in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see tips and tricks for this mini game.

Rapids Ride Mini-Game

Rapids Ride is a Mini-Game you can play by talking to the Raft Shop Owner inside of the Raft Shop. It can be found on the right side of Tal Tal Heights. Rapids Ride can be played in 2 ways: Rapids Raid and Rapids Race. In Rapids Raid there will be items available for you to pick up around the water. Meanwhile in Rapids Race, there will not be any items available for you to pick up, but there will be some useful rewards, depending on how fast you finish.

Rapids Ride Location

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Rapids Ride Rewards

Rapids Raid Rewards

Piece of Heart 15-1.jpg
Piece of Heart
You can find a Piece of Heart on small island on the left side of the Rapids Ride. This can only be obtained once.
Seashell Location 36-1.jpg
Secret Seashell
You can find a Secret Seashell when you dig with the shovel at the center island in Rapids Ride. This can only be obtained once.
Rapids Ride Arrows.jpg
Bundle of Arrows
Collecting this will give you 10 Arrows
Rapids Ride Rupees.jpg
Red Rupee
Collecting this will give you 20 Rupees
Rapids Ride Bomb.jpg
Collecting this will give you 10 Bombs
Rapids Ride Hearts.jpg
Collecting this will restore 3 Hearts
Rapids Ride Magic Powder.jpg
Magic Powder
Collecting this will give you 10 Magic Powder

Rapids Race Rewards

Piece of Heart 14-1.jpg Finishing in under 40 seconds will reward you with a Piece of Heart.
Seashell Location 38-1.jpg Finishing in under 35 seconds will reward you with a Secret Seashell.
Rapids Ride - Chamber Stone.jpg Finishing in under 30 seconds will reward you with a Chamber Stone.

Rapids Race Optimal Route

If you are struggling to clear the Rapids Race in under 30 seconds, see the video above. You can also use your Hookshot to stall if you are trying to get the prizes for other times.

Rapid Ride Tips and Tricks

Hookshot - Rapids Raid.jpg
Use the Hookshot to navigate faster around the area. This is extremly useful when trying to finish under 30 seconds.

Shortcuts - Rapids Raid.jpg
There are many shortcuts around the track. Try to look for them first on the Rapids Raid before attempting a quick finish in Rapids Race.

Rupees - Rapids Raid.jpg
Finishing Rapids Race under 35 seconds will guarantee a 100 Rupee reward, making the ride free.

Jump with Roc's Feather while riding the raft to grab the items in Rapids Raid.

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